15 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water on an Empty Stomach (2024)

  • Curious…my cousin is allergic to lemons. Would limes have similar benefits?

  • Yes you could use limes instead of lemons.

  • Thank you Marlene

  • I had stop dinking lemon water while I was sick for a month, all my joint pain started back bad, so I started back drinking lemon juice again warm on empty stomach every morning, after a week I kid you not, my pain in my knees are gone!!!!

  • That’s great! The lemon is very alkalizing and helps to get the acid waste out of the body plus it has lots of vitamin C which is very important for the joints. Some people are “Hypoascorbemia” meaning a low level of vitamin C in the body and need to add more either through food or in a supplement.

  • Hi mam m 26 yrs i am facing pimples problem can u suggest me good remedy…if i drink lemon in de morn ing will it help to reduce the pimples….

  • After drinking warm water and lemon juice on an empty stomach how soon after should I be able to eat

  • I would suggest you wait for 20 – 30 minutes before eating.

  • Lemon water will help to remove acidity and toxins from the body but there will be other factors involved that would have to be addressed. I wouldn’t be able to make further recommendations without a consultation.

  • Why does the lemon have to be in warm water? Can you get the same benefits in cold water?

  • Is drinking warm lemon can help in lowering the blood sugar?

  • its very good information and useful for all. recently i was started warm water with lemon juice early morning with empty stomach. now i am feel its very good.

  • Very nice and informative piece of writing. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you!

  • I would suggest you read our article New Principles of Food Combining. Here is the link

  • The warm water will stimulate the digestion and liver. Cold water will shut it down so you would not get the same benefit.

  • Hi,

    By consuming daily in empty stomach is there any acidity problem will come.

    Is it good for Fatty liver

  • No, lemon is alkaline when it is in the body. Lemon will help to reduce the inflammation of a fatty liver and protect against free radical/oxidative damage and lipid peroxidation due to the vitamin C content.

  • So educative and eye opener to this very multi consuming world. Any adherence to this discipline will produce sheath family hence a healthy nation is the I dear is well sold.warm lemon juice very vital to our body balance systems. Organs best medium playmaker in digestion and multi body functions.

  • I love all the benefits mentioned above except for the weight loss part. How do I benefit from this drink without losing weight? Would it work the same way if I drink it anytime of the day and with meals?

  • hello mum, please I want to know, since taking lemon with warm water can slim you down, am already slim won’t it makes me look skinny

  • So educative,just started taking my hot lemon juice hopefully,will give a testimony after a month.

  • The lemon is not specifically for weight loss and should cause you to lose weight if you don’t need to.

  • The lemon water is not specific for weight loss and should not cause you to lose weight.

  • Great, let us know your results!

  • Hi Marline

    I want to get rid of my big tummy.
    Will drinking lemon help the refuce belly fat only without slimming my whole body?

  • I wanted to say will drinking lemon water help reduce belly fat only?

  • There may be other factors involved in belly fat such as insulin resistance or hormonal imbalance. Lemon water will certainly help to improve digestion and elimination but you cannot target specific areas of the body. You have to deal with the body as a whole and look at where the imbalances are and then correct that. One the imbalance is corrected the body will let go of stored fat from the appropriate areas such as the belly.

  • Drinking lemon with warm water I get pain in my stomach is it cleaning the stomach or it’s having some bad reaction please reply what to do thks.

  • I have angina which is the limited blood flow to the heart can taking lemon help me

  • It is possible you may have some inflammation in the stomach. I would suggest you get checked for H Pylori bacteria as this may lead to ulceration which the lemon juice could irritate.

  • The build up of plaque on the artery walls is part of the bodies repair mechanism to damage that has taken place there. Since lemon contains Vitamin C it would be beneficial to the healing process but not likely enough to clear the blockage. We do have many options available to support the body with cardiovascular issues. We can help you through a nutritional consultation.

  • Hi, anytime I drink the lemon water, my stomach rambles for about 20 minutes. Please is this normal?

  • Drinking lemon juice is increasing the acidity and digestive activity. It is possible you do not need the stimulation from lemon juice. Are you diluting the lemon juice with water?

  • I have just started taking warm lemon water ,how long will it take to lose 10 pounds.

  • That would depend on many things. What else you are doing? Changing your diet, add exercise, check to see if there are any thyroid or hormonal issues.

  • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get started. This is such great information. I am forever amazed at how God has created an earth with everything we need to sustain ourselves and live healthy lives. We have just been so far removed from it all. Thank you again for helping me on my journey to a naturally healthy lifestyle.

  • I am glad you are enjoying this information! Yes God has provided everything we need to sustain ourselves!!

  • My tooth aches anything i take lemon in warm water for three continuous days and the feeling is so uncomfortable
    Please any remedy for that ?

  • Are you saying that the lemon water is making your tooth ache?

  • Yes it’s very true I have started having lemon juice thrice in a day with my breakfast, launch and dinner .
    My tooth pain and digestive system has been improved even my joints pain has stopped.
    Than you to ?

  • Can Lemon Juice help with parasites such as worms ext

  • The lemon juice will help to make the environment in the body/intestines more alkaline. Parasites do not like an alkaline environs so this should help to move them out.

  • Yes it is obviously true. I have lost my 5 kg in just two months. i used to drink lemon juice every morning before breakfast.

  • Congratulations!!

  • I have gastric problem..Could you tell me if lemon juice is going to cure it. If yes, please recommend me when, how & how much should I consume it?

  • When i take lemon juice with diluting water,after 30 minitis i feel pain at my right upper quadrant is that a big problem?

  • How much lemon juice and warm water?

  • How many lemons required each morning to make fresh juice I order to achieve the adove said benefits?

  • I can not answer that as I don’t know what your gastric problem is, even if I did know I cannot say if it would resolve your problem.

  • If you are getting pain I would suggest you do not drink the lemon water, get your liver and gallbladder checked, you could have gallstones.

  • Typically half a fresh squeezed lemon in on cup of warm water.

  • I would suggest half of a fresh squeezed lemon in one cup of warm water.

  • If I drink lemon and lime water together would that be good or bad. Also I do not know if i passed the comment but is drinking that water warm the only way to benefit from it and if so how warm?

  • Drinking lemon water not only morning,in whole day if we drink 1 to 2 bottle of lemon water wil it help more??and in a month how many kg will I lose my weight

  • How many days does lemon water take to reduce our weight. How many kg will it reduces in a month

  • Hi
    I have high triglycerides 680mg/dl
    Can lemon water in the morning in empty stomach help to reduce it

  • I am taking homeopathy tablets for thyroid before breakfast. So, which should be given first preference.. tablets or lemon juice ??

  • I normally mix lemon juice, warm water, chocolate and sugar. is it recommendable to use it that way or am supposed to use plain water. are there any benefits?

  • Can I drink this lemon water anytime of the day even after I’ve eaten?

  • I take lemon with warm every morning while am doing my workouts. I grater my lemon including the skin. I only throw away the seeds .while drinking I take all the contents I don’t throw away anything. Is this dangerous to my body?

  • I take lemon with warm water every morning while am doing my workouts. I grater my lemon including the skin. I only throw away the seeds .while drinking I take all the contents I don’t throw away anything. Is this dangerous to my body?

  • I just started taking lemon juice. But when I take it, I feel some sensations in my teeth. Is it normal?

  • hello,mam can we use stored lemon juice with warm water .

  • I’m wondering if bottled lemon juice would work the same as fresh. If not, why?

  • What do you mean by warm water ? mean we have to boil it to certain degree or simple water (Not Cold)

  • True lemon has done wonderful to me. I was told that I had a lot of acid. So I tried lemon during 40days of fasting and it work. I use to feel pain on my stomach but now iam pain free. Thanx for the natural herb from God.

  • Does the kidney also benefit from taking lemon water juice like the liver?

  • Hi Marlene

    I have gastrointestinal disorder, I’m on antibiotics but the pain won’t stop. I have started to drink lemon water, is it a good thing? Or am I making the situation worse?

  • This seems to be helpful… i need to loose weight, will it helps if i drink lemon water continuously the hole day.

  • Hi, since lemon isn’t available in my place but I have a kaffir tree. I’ve been drinking warm kaffir juice on empty stomach every morning for almost a month. So far I feel good on it. Does kaffir fruit juice has the same effects and benefits as with lemon juice? Hope to read from you. Thank you.

  • Lemon juice is truely working i use it as an aftershave and it has helped my face achieve atremendous smoothness.

  • I have been diagnosed as having H Pylori bacteria. Can I take lemon juice with warm water in empty stomach?

  • Assalam u Alaikum all of you,
    I am an Indian Muslim, this is the month of Ramadan I am Fasting and praying every day, daily evening means at the time of sahoor mostly I am drinking lemon water, Alhamdu lillah I have lost my weight with in fifteen days 4,5 kilos, also I am feeling well, I suggest all of you eat little use fresh fruits like orrange and grape’s keep walking avoid sweets and smoking , In sha Allah you will be healthy, never afraid your fat, it’s nothing. Remember in Dua.

  • Is it okay I drink lemon warm water with honey??

  • Can i substitute lime in lieu of lemon, will drinking warm lime water yield the same result?

  • I have been having inflamation of the uvula but after i started drinking lemon it healed immediately. Am still taking it because i want to lose weight. Thankyou for the article. But my question is can lemon cause feeling of pressure in the throat?

  • I made a gallon of lemon water, but i puts it in the refrigerator and drink it cold throughout the day, will I get the same result if its not warm.

  • I always though that lemon on an empty stomach will cause a gastric attack but who knew it works

  • Thank you for this information about lemon benefits. The base of my left thumb is beginning to develop pain and is thickening, which I believe …a gout. I read some posts here that lemon could help reduce joint pains. I’ll try this first, as the pain is still on its first onset though its been five days now that I noticed the thickening of the joint (base of the left thumb). Sometimes, the thumb won’t move especially upon waking up in the morning. I plan to consult a physician actually this morning, however, after I’ve read this article, I guess I have to try something herbal first. I’ll inform you of the outcome maybe after a week. Thank you very much!

  • I am a boy of 20 and having pimples problem also face goes red nd seems like pimples will come also after using face wash it becomes white … Will lemon juice will help me out or not

  • I have a gallbladder stone.is it okay to drink warm lemon juice?

  • Can I take lemon water while breastfeeding

  • Is lemon juice good for a diabetic patient

  • Mam can lemon really help to reduce fat of body and how??

  • Mam can lemon really help to reduce fat of body and how…plz explain

  • Along with lemon can we add honey into it

  • How much lemon juice do you use with warm water?

  • Place ma I still want to have baby’s does this have any bad effect on my eggs

  • does concentrate lemon juice share the same benefit as fresh lemon juice?

  • If no available lemom, is it ok i will replace it with kalamanse.

  • Good evening ma’am, please I used to have candidaisis infection but I use Virginia insert to solve the problem. the yellow discharge stop, after I have used the insert for 4days before my menstruations. after my menstruations, I started warm water lemon. I have taken it for 2days now, but I noticed some fluid dropping in my pant, but when I check it, I will noticed that the pant linen I put in my pant has been soaked with Brown discharge, sometimes it looks like dark blood. please ma’am, is this show normal, because I have started rejoicing that warm water lemon is curing my infection

  • Hi, do your research well; Lemon is actually bad for our enamel thus to our dental health. Your dentist would confirm that

  • My partner and I blend a whole bag of lemons in a nutra bullet skin pulp and seeds as well and we keep in a bottle in the fridge and make up a smaller bottle with added water and drink it every morning.. I absolutely love it but cold.. can we continue or have it hot and if so how much of this mixture to a coffee cup.. I was thinking a teaspoon maybe ?? What do u think?

  • Can I add a fresh lemon to my smoothie snd still get the above result?

  • Is lemon with warm water drinking in the morning helps in curing the bladder cancer

  • Does it need to be freshly squeezed or can you use store bought lemon juice?

  • if taking lemon with warm water breast canser

  • Will drinking juice of half a lemon with warm water have health benefits to kidneys, and if so, what ?

  • I want to lose weight of my mother

  • I just want loss weight will lemon juice with warm water will help me

  • How many times throughout the day should you drink warm lemon water?

  • Hi man, can we add honey 1 spoon in the lemon juice above said.

  • When ever I take lemon juice in warn water I usually feel disrespected migraine headache, plz Wat should I do cos I really love to continue cos am on d big side of weight

  • How much Lemon take one cup of water.?
    The lemon drink suitable normal water or Warm water?

    Please suggest.

  • Should the water be boiled and mixed with lemon or a normal water not cold can be used

  • Lemon Juice in the morning is the best thing l just discovered.
    l feel light now and my body is good.
    l also take it during the day. so nice to take.
    How do l know if is too much?

  • Thanks the information was clear and informative, with so much information out there it is hard to know what to eat or drink, I was drinking cold lemon water but will change to warm thanks!

  • is lemon a blood thinner?

  • Hi, is it a must to drink warm water with lemon in the morning? Can we drink it in the afternoon instead?

  • I keep fresh lemon water in my frog all the time in a tap jar. I drink it all the time but not warm. What is the difference from warm to cold?

  • Can lemon work for tiredness n is it good for ulcer patient

  • I am taking Thyroid medicine can I still drink warm water and lemon juice.

  • I have strong history of ulceration of esophagus in my family.
    I recovered from breast cancer, thankfully , four years back.
    Is it safe for me to consume lemon juice – hot water empty stomach in the morning?
    I do take fresh wheat grass juice empty stomach early morning.
    Please advise if I can take lemon juice with hot water in between meals, of course a gap of one hour

    Please advise. Thanks

  • does it have any side effects to people with epilepsy

  • Does hot lemon water have any effects to people with epilepsy?

  • Is it true that lemon juice also helps in lowering the blood pressure

  • Dentist almost extracting 6 of my bottom tooth because of the infection around the gum area after i drank lemon juice for the last 3 months my gum heal and my teeth are stronger . every morning star with 1/2 of lemon and 1 glass of warm water

  • evening is true that when you drink lemon water it flushes everything in your system including any prevention methods e.g injection & pills chances of getting pregnant are very high

  • Lemon water really helped me to loose much weight and I have a clear face now. Acne had taken a toll on me buh after drinking lemon water my face really improved plus I go for number 2 twice a day, had difficulty going to the loo a times.lemon after has been my miracle water so far haha!
    What I actually do I cut the lemon into pieces and put then in water about 1l and a half or 2 litles and whenever I have the urge to drink water that’s the water I’ll drink the whole day, its sweet, cold and addictive. Or a times I’ll sip like tea while using my phone. By 6 in the evening my water is over.

  • Hi All,

    I began taking a medium glass of warm lemon juice in the mornings about 6 months ago. At the time I wanted to detox my body and make my ph balance alkaline. I heard that cancer and other diseases can not live in an alkaline environment… Anyway, I have lost 45lbs and my health is feeling pretty good! Only thing is I think I may be getting the odd boil from the toxins leaving my body. That may be cuz I smoke though…

  • Hi! I would like to know if l can use bottled lemon juice. Or does the juice lose all its properties after being packed? Thank you

  • hello….. can lemon juice reduce the rick of uric acid and diabetes 2 please reply me and need to know how i use the lemon juice

  • After talking the lemon juice with warm water I’ve been feeling some itching in my throat,is it normal?Again can a someone who has gone through surgery take the lemon juice?

  • Apart from taking lemon with warm water it is always good to flush out toxins in our bodies before we even eat breakfast, warm water have proven to be beneficial to me with lemon its magic, considering the food we consume these days, in particilar fats, suger, spices and salt…..thanks Marlene for the advices and answers you provide you are such a Blessing!

  • Hi, IBS- chronic constipation sufferer for the last 6 years. When you cant have a descent movement for up to 8 days without the aide of medication to help with it, it is very difficult for weight loss. I am overweight by 55 pounds. MY question is, should I drink the warm lemon water several times a day to start out with to get things regulated?

  • I was told lime is healthier then a lemon.
    How true is that?

  • I have been drinking lemon water for quite some time. On and off but last 3 months every day. It definitely gets the bowels eliminating in the morning. If you let it happen as its just elimination. Its what the body wants to do. A great health benefit we can do for our body that doesn’t have to cost much. I’m lucky my neighbour has large juicy ones.

  • I m 25years and my weight is 68.can I drink lemon water in morning for reducing my weight..

  • Is it okay to drink lemon water 4x a day?Cause I am thinking that I will drink lemon water every 4 hours.

  • Hello…I’m using this method from one and half month..now I got cold n arising nose flowing…what us the reason?? Pls tell

  • I have been searching online for correct methods of making lemon water. This is the method I have been making as follows:
    *Grate peel off 2 lemons
    *Squeeze 2 lemons
    *Get a pan with 1 Ltr of water
    *Cut up remaining lemons
    *Add all the above to the pan (Rind, juice & sliced lemon)
    *Bring to boil contents then let contents cool down.
    *Steep contents into a jug and store in fridge.
    *When ready to consume, pour into a glass but allow lemon water to get to room temperature before consuming.

    I have also read to drink via a straw as the lemon water can have a bad effect on the teeth.

    Can you tell me if the above sounds ok? I don’t drink it cold but room temperature but I make a batch that lasts 4 days.

  • Can I also ask what size glass should we be drinking or portion daily? At the moment I drink from a 200ml glass as I found a 300ml glass too much

  • Lemon is the best

  • Hy will it help with my pimples….and if i have on empty stomach will it help

  • I started drinking the lemon and warm water! It has truly detoxes me. I have been drinking it all day as well. But I think it’s starting to give me a diarrhea! Am I taking too much! I have to saw I feel a lot better when I take it! I m trying to lose the belly fat and exercise as well – when would I start to see any kind of weight loss???

  • My mother has gallstones problem but no pain. Can drinking lemon juice with warm water reduce the stones?

  • Hi, if I add some sugar and salt in it will it be beneficial, with slightly cold water?

    Is it helpful for removing kidney stone?

  • How long can one take it to get the result

  • can we consume lemon water any time during the day mainly not straight away in the morning on an empty stomach? will it be effective that way too?

  • How long I take warm water with lemon every morning to loose my weight? At least 10pounds?

  • Will try the warm lemon water in the morning heard lots about the many good benefits of lemons

  • When cancer patient follow this, will his/her weight reduce?

  • Suggest a way to dissolve kidney stones.I have 3mm stone on the left and 4mm stone on the right kidney.

  • will I notice a difference in my joints (arthritis) after drinking the lemon juice mixture?

  • Drinking lemon juice in chilled water on empty stomach at morning..
    Can help in reducing weight

  • Will the warm lemon water help me lose weight with an overactive thyroid. I am on block and treat medication and have put on a lot of weight and need to lose it desperately.

  • I noticed my pimples has almost gone since I started taking lemon and water just for one month.

  • Does it work against gas formation?
    Please let me know.

  • Can I take lemon juice along with pomegranate.juice daily? Will it dissolves kidney stones?

  • which one is better whether should we drink without honey or with honey ?can you please tell me

  • Whats the difference between drinking lemon water, and eating a lemon in the morning then drinking water throughout the day?

  • Interesting reading reference lemon juice.
    My wife & I started drinking at least 2ltr water with lemon juice for now, three months. Apart from a great thirst quencher, I’ve taken off over 15kgs, reduced excess fluid in legs, fewer back pain issues & still enjoying eating food.
    Will now try the morning drink too & see if any changes.
    Thanks for your blog.

  • Thank you very much for all this knowledge. Actually I was a smoker from last 9 years. Recently I quit smoking. Can this help me to take lemon juice with warm water in empty stomach?
    Waiting for your answer…..

  • I want to reduce my body weight. If lemon juice prepare with a sugar. It’s good for health or not.

  • I have been drinking warm lemon water every morning and it has helped me to lose 12 pounds in 2 months. I also work out and eat right. FYI I do add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to it.

  • i have a bacterial infection – staphylococcus aureus which is resistant to most antibiotics, which herbal remedy can be useful to me.

  • I started taking lemon juice with cold water, ginger, aloe Vera, and honey three weeks ago. I’ve lost 15 lbs without doing anything else. I’m going to switch to warm water.

  • Hi! I’m wondering if lemon and calamansi have the same nutrient contents?

  • Pls Marlene, I will like to ask if someone who observe fasting till 6pm in the evening can take warm lemon on empty stomach.

  • Must the lemon be squizzed in water water, can it be sliced in warm water too?

  • I drink 2 litre of warm water and lemon juice every day. it helps me with digestion and losing weight

  • I have frozen the juice from fresh organic lemons in ice cube trays, and then pop one in my warm water, wait til it melts and drink it this way. I did this because it’s way more convenient, and I’m not wasting any lemons when they go bad. Do you think I’m getting the same benefits?

  • In India, lemon is used for centuries as a refreshing drink(yes our ancestors knew this is good they just don’t had modern methodology, machines, electronics, ..internet…, ICBM missiles, nukes, Hydrogen Bomb…)
    …sadly now Pepsi and Coca cola advertisem*nt made them feel more cooler while drinking the so called soft drinks having following features:
    artificially flavored(yes chemicals which are NOT YET proven/found as hazardous!!),
    pesticides mixed(what you never noticed this??)
    Sorry no offense Pepsi and Coca Cola… its pure business… isn’t it… but that never appeared to me whenever I encountered with your ads….

  • Indeed lemons, especially drinking with warm water is magical

  • Hey Merlene, this is such a good writing that I think will help me reduce wait again. I have become so fat as my friends have been advising me to take lemon but the fact that I have read this article, am well convinced that it will work for me along side daily work outs.

  • I’m diabetic, just started taking warm water with 2 slices of lime squeeze in a cup of hot water along with activated charcoal {Swanson}. On the 5th day I vomited. What could be the cause? Thanks for a speedy reply

  • Marlene
    I have both lemons and limes in the garden and I juice them and pour the juice into icecube trays and freeze them. I store them in containers in the freezer and always have juice available. I love my juice with ‘no sugar’ Soda Water.

  • I’ve battled acid reflux for several years… from what I’m reading here… the alkaline in the lemons ? should help me with balancing the acid naturally? Has this warm lemon water helped anyone u know with acid reflux ? TY

  • Can I drink this 4 times a day instead of tea

  • Is lemon water helps to maintain a normal blood preasure?

  • Ma’em, how long should I continue with the lemon water to lose my weight?

  • I started drinking lemon juice with warm water twice a day and also doing exercise (from last 3 days). Will it help to loose fat (weight). Suggest Me more in this please ma’am..

  • Consuming 2 lemon per day will be effective or not ??????

  • This article is very informative, i do have one question though. Do you take warm water and lemon only in the morning or twice a day the second just before main dinner in the evening please? Thank you

  • Does lemon with warm water heal dandruff problem?

  • Does drinking warm lemon water helps to dissolve kidney stones. and how Much do I need to take not to lose weight

  • Have been drinking lemon juice in hot water on an empty stomach every morning for 3 years and haven’t caught a cold. Not too sure if it is a coincidence but this stuff is amazing.

  • I gave my son lemonade daily for his juice with dinner or lunch, we have no problem with common cold. We try to go natural, even with spices instead of the manufactured ones. They work wonders.

  • Does having warm lemon water with honey on an empty stomach can cause acidity

  • please is it good to boil the peal as well and drink together with the juice?

  • Can u apply directly to skin..for treatment of acne?

  • can lemon and warm water work for infection, thanks for the reply

  • Why does the water need to be warm?

  • Can lemon juice help in the cure of asthma?. Thanks

  • Would bottled lemon juice work as well?

  • Dr,

    I have 4mm stone in the right kidney,If I take lemon juice will it dissolves kidney stone.

  • been taking lemons but with Ground nuts every morning for now 2 months and I’m already seeing a change

  • Lemon are good for colon?

  • will it be bad if i drink it cold?

  • Full lemon with skin grand in the mixie with cold water strain and have it is good for cancer ,did this will stop cancer growth. Reply or email me.Thanks

  • I find it amusing that so many think drinking lemon and hot water first thing in the morning will work miracles. I have been drinking this because it is good for me and enjoyable, however now in my seventies I have a fat tummy, hips and bottom, just like my mother who always drank the lemon drink every morning.
    So to those who read my message, just enjoy it and don’t hope for miracles.


  • i fell much stronger for a 3 pcs. lemon to a hot cup water every morning on a empty stomach

  • I have a Kidney stone. Will lemon water help break it down?

  • Hello,

    I have to take a thyroid medication as soon as I wake up. The instructions on the bottle indicate that vitamin C should not be consumed for several hours. I’m wondering if they mean heavy doses which I imagine would not be in half of a lemon in warm water? I’ll need to ask the pharmacist. My question is whether it counts as an “empty stomach” to drink the lemon water after I brush my teeth and take the medication?

    Thank you,


  • Does adding the lemon to green tea work as well?

  • instead of using lemon wt ordinary warn water,can one put it in a warm Lipton tea,wil it still work better wen boiled wt a Lipton tea?

  • All so cancerous cells can only survive in a acidic body it is impossible for cancerous cells to live in a acidic body so it’s a good way of keeping your body alkaline this is what the government don’t want you to know .think about it 115 years the cancer resurch charity has been running and not 1 breakthrough in resurch .fact is it’s pharmaceuticals that make money and customers not cures yet in other country’s they are using natural remedies like alkaline diets ,cannabis oils and it’s working

  • Drinking lemon with hot water in empty stomach can caused gastritis?

  • Can I put the lemon with hot green tea or should I drink lemon with hot water first then do my regular teA in the morning?

  • For how long does lemon take to treat infections?

  • Is lemon water drink in the morning in empty stomach helps dissolve gallstones?

  • Is Lemon/ginger juice suitable for an ulcer person

  • Thank you for the information.
    I don’t squeeze the lemon.. I boil waer with the lemon + the peelings. Is there any harm?

  • I have a question?

    How to prevent lemon juice??

  • Lemon juice with warm water is very good, I have been taking it for more than 6months ago, I noticed some changes in my body system,my blood test was great, I recommend it for people.

  • Hi I really want to loose weight. This will help me. How many lemons and how much of water

  • I drink warm water with lemon in the afternoon after lunch and not in the morning, is this okay too? I just can’t skip my coffee early in the morning it’s a habit.

  • Is it possible to lose weight by drinking warm water with sliced lemons everyday?

  • Yes the Kaffir lime tree would have a very similar effect as lemon.

  • I would only drink the lemon water in the morning and once more in the evening but not all day. That could have a negative effect on your teeth.

  • Antibiotics can upset the gastrointestinal track. I would consider taking Probiotics. The lemon water could irritate if there is inflammation present.

  • Yes the lemon water has Vitamin C which is beneficial for the kidneys.

  • That it wonderful. Lemon is alkalinizing in the body.

  • No you don’t have to boil it to a high temperature. It is more pleasant to drink warm not cold.

  • If it is pure fresh squeezed lemon it would work but usually bottled juice contains added sugar and preservatives so it would not be the same as fresh squeezed.

  • I would not suggest store bought lemon juice. If you were to fresh squeeze it and keep it in the fridge be sure to drink it within the same day.

  • I would suggest using a straw to drink the lemon water. Your teeth may be low on minerals so very sensitive.

  • No, the peel is good for you as well. Just make sure they are organic so you are not getting pesticides from the skin.

  • The best time seems to be in the morning on an empty stomach.

  • only use water and lemon, do not add chocolate or sugar. That is defeating the purpose.

  • The homeopathic remedy will absorb in the mouth. I would wait at least 15 minutes before drinking the lemon juice so that it doesn’t negatively affect the remedy.

  • Lemon juice has many beneficial effects and I am sure it will help as it will encourage the liver function and change the environment of the intestines to help break down your fats.

  • Every one is different so just get started and see how it works for you.

  • I would not drink that much in one day. Just one half a lemon in one cup of water twice per day is enough.

  • Yes you could mix lemon and lime. You could drink it cold or room temperature if you prefer.

  • Yes it will help. Many people have commented on the benefit of weight loss.

  • Not sure what you mean by “losing weight of your mother”

  • Yes, the lemon has vitamin c which is very beneficial to the kidneys.

  • Not a problem.

  • I would use only fresh squeezed. Store bought will have added sugar and preservatives.

  • It would be good support but other factors need to be addressed.

  • You would not get the above results by adding it to your smoothie but it would be a good flavor.

  • I would continue what you are doing. I think 1 teaspoon would be enough in a mug with water.

  • Yes it can be but you can drink it with a straw and it won’t harm your teeth.

  • Yes, this a good sign. The body is cleaning up.

  • I would use only fresh squeezed. Store bought will have added sugar and preservatives.

  • Sorry, I don’t know what that is.

  • I would use only fresh squeezed. Store bought will have added sugar and preservatives.

  • Not at all. In fact the Vitamin C will be beneficial.

  • half of a fresh lemon squeezed

  • I would suggest just the lemon, do not add honey as this will stimulate an insulin response.

  • Yes, but just pay attention to see if it bothers the baby or not. Some food and drink that the mother has can affect the breast milk and the baby may get upset digestion.

  • Lemon water stimulates your digestion, liver and function and creates a more alkaline environment it the small intestine. Your enzymes need an alkaline environment to work properly. When you digest your food properly you will get the nutrients you need and then your body will lose the extra weight.

  • Yes, as it will stimulate the liver and digestive functions.

  • No just have the lemon, do not add sugar and salt or tequila. Yes fresh lemon is excellent for calcium kidney stones

  • It sounds like you are drinking to much lemon water. Just one to two cups per day. If you are exercising then you should see some weight loss very quickly.

  • Yes it will because it will help to clean up your liver and bowel.

  • Agreed!

  • 8 ounces or 250ml is a good amount.

  • As long as it doesn’t go bad within the four days. Drinking through a straw helps protect the teeth. Lemon is acidic outside of the body but turns alkaline inside the body.

  • When you get cold like symptoms it is a sign your body is detoxifying.

  • I would suggest one to two times per day.

  • Is it working for you?

  • Yes, lemons help the body to eliminate.

  • I would say the are equal in health benefits.

  • I would suggest starting with one drink in the morning for at least a week and see if that helps you. Several times per day is too much.

  • You are welcome!

  • If your throat is itchy it can be a sign of an allergic or intolerant reaction. Did this only happen after starting the lemon juice?
    Sometimes people react to the pesticides if the fruit is not organic. Yes, lemon would be helpful after surgery to clear out the anesthetic.

  • Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. The citric acid and vitamin c are considered good for naturally dissolving gallstones and also helps in flushing them out and clearing the ducts to release bile. Lemon Juice has been in use for centuries to treat kidney stones and gallstones. Lemon also has antimicrobial properties that help to reduce infections in the gallbladder and reduce the pain. Pectin in lemon juice reduces bloating nausea and pain. Lemon juice reduces cholesterol formation in liver.

  • yes it will help as it improves liver, kidney and digestive function. Squeeze half a fresh lemon into 8 ounces of water, drink 1 cup first thing in the morning empty stomach and one later in the day.

  • No, I would only use fresh lemon especially organic lemons.

  • You are doing such good things for your body! Now it is time to quite smoking. Can you imagine how much more energy you will have and how much better you will feel. And you won’t stink of smoke or have lung issues.

  • Good for you!!!

  • I don’t think it would have an effect on pregnancy prevention but if it did you would be healthier to have a baby.

  • yes it will help. Keep drinking the lemon and exercising.

  • Until you have reached your goal, then you could reduce it to several times per week if you don’t want to drink it every day.

  • yes lemon have lots of vitamin c which is beneficial for the arteries and repairing damage.

  • I would suggest twice per day.

  • Absolutley! And it will get your digestion working better.

  • What a great idea!

  • Yes many people have reduced weigh by drinking lemon water and exercising. There will be many other benefits as well. You can do it!

  • It is amazing how something so simple can have such a magical effect. Thanks for sharing!

  • Now we have a healthy option with many advantages. It is always your choice as to what you put in your body so choose wisely.

  • Yes and this is a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

  • that’s awesome!

  • you can slice it but you will get more out of it by squeezing it.

  • I would suggest putting a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water and drinking that 15 minutes before your meals instead of adding to the lemon juice. This will help your digestion and improve you own HCI production.

  • Not with sugar, just the lemon juice.

  • Congratulations!!

  • Sorry I don’t know about that.

  • I don’t see why not. What about having water with lemon in the morning?

  • It could be the activated charcoal.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • What do you mean?

  • You would get more out of the lemon by squeezing it rather than boiling and if it is not organic there will be pesticides in it.

  • I would suggest cabbage juice instead.

  • Yes it will. See previous response to this questions.

  • Excellent point!

  • Can I take cold water with lemon at. Morning for weight loss

  • I usually put 3 slices of lemon And put boiling water in a cup. I wait until the temp lowers down and drink it. Is this ok? Or do i have to squeeze it and just put the juice alone without the skin? Thanks for the reply.

  • Lemon with hot water..
    1. it’s use ful for man als ?
    2. During boiling water lemon half cut inside in the water ?
    3. After boiling water with half cut lemon . Boil water into glass and lemon wringing. And sip ?
    4. It’s only use for empty stomach?.
    5 . after walking drink or not this water.
    6 before bedtime it’s drink or not?
    It’s all are use full for man.
    Pls advise me

  • I have stoped running for a year & picked up 10kg of weight. I want to get back to running but first take of weight. How soon can I see results of warm water & lemon juice?

  • I know it said it will help loose weight, will it also remove facial weight?

  • I’m shocked at my results
    Three months ago I started cutting a lemon into big slices. In the morning I would pour boiling water over half the slices and drink it when it was cool. At dinnertime I would again pour boiling water over the segments skin pith and all and again drink. The other half would be used for an afternoon drink and one on a night. I stopped drinking coffee and very occasional have tea. I now eat very little meal. I live on tinned fish it’s fresher with rice pasta etc. I have suffered from arthritis and high heart pressure

    Here are the results

    I now take no pills what so ever

    Before swollen hands ankles elbows and lots of lovely pain and restrictive movement

    Heart 178/110. 80

    Now my hands and joints are pain free I can think better and I can now ride my bike again I’m 66 years old now going to change my life style and 21 stone. I look forward to a new day without pain

    But the best part heart 138/80..71

    Does life get any better.

  • I’m shocked at my results
    Three months ago I started cutting a lemon into big slices. In the morning I would pour boiling water over half the slices and drink it when it was cool. At dinnertime I would again pour boiling water over the segments skin pith and all and again drink. The other half would be used for an afternoon drink and one on a night. I stopped drinking coffee and very occasional have tea. I now eat very little meat. I live on tinned fish it’s fresher with rice pasta etc. I have suffered from arthritis and high heart pressure

    Here are the results

    I now take no pills what so ever

    Before swollen hands ankles elbows and lots of lovely pain and restrictive movement

    Heart 178/110. 80

    Now my hands and joints are pain free I can think better and I can now ride my bike again I’m 66 years old now going to change my life style and 21 stone. I look forward to a new day without pain

    But the best part heart 138/80..71

    Does life get any better.

  • Is it useful to reduce high blood pressure and how would I use it. Thanks.

  • Can you use real 100% bottle lemon juice? How much warm water and lemon juice do you use ?

  • please will it be ripped or unripe one?

  • pls does lemon juice forbids English drugs?

  • If you have gastritis, is it medically advisable to take lemon water on an empty stomach each morning ?

  • Pls mama,if you re on medication with HARRT or CONBINATION ,can you still take lemmon ,if yes when is it suitable to take it.because the drugs that I am taking is morning and night.

  • I have been drinking warm water with lemon and sugar, for 2months, just from bed in the morning up to 11h00am i.e july and august 2018, and have noticed a drastic change in my menstruation flow,,,,, that became lower and pale . What mighty has caused it?

  • Thank you so much for the information tell something so is one glass a day enough or each time I feel like drink water I take warm water with lemon.

  • I use to take lemon juice with warm water until i begame pregnant and stopped, my baby is 10 months old now can i take the juice again while am still breastfeeding?

  • i have high & low cholesterol, vitamin d deficiency & morning running nose. and acidity. should i take lemon warm water in empty stomach? any other foods recommendation.

  • Is it true that drinking warm lemon water in empty stomach increase the breast size?? Someone told me that should not drink it ,it will increase the breast size… please reply..

  • Since fresh garlic is good for you first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, would it be okay to have garlic and lemon in warm water together.

  • Is drinking lemon with cold water is as effective as drinking with warm water?

  • can I possibly use lemon juice and warm guava leave water, instead of lemon and ordinary warm water?

  • In what ratio should i add lemon juice and warm water? Can i add some honey with it? Lastly, lemon water should be taken before going to washroom or after it in the morning?

  • I am undergoing a chemotherapy treatment, is it okay for me to drink warm lemon juice in an empty stomach every morning?

  • Yet I did not witness any effective results from taking lemon juice before breaking the fast
    Can u suggest me does it help if taken with garlic
    Should we take both garlic and lemon juice
    While empty

  • Can i reduce belly fat by lemon with water. Please suggest me.

  • How much drink lemon water a day…

  • Can I add I teaspoon of Splenda and get the same results ?

  • Hi guys I would like to tell u about my experience on actually eating a lemon it really helps me with weight loss and my skin tone so I would like to encourage u to eat lemon atleast 3 times in a week and drink 2litre of water everyday Thank u.

  • I love the article, the benefits r wow.. But
    For how long should i take to see magnificent results on weight loss,,, am 85kg, n want to lose 20kg

  • I used to present with a lot of regurgitation and heartburn but ever since I’ve started drinking lemon juice its all gone

  • pls how do I use lemon to cure bad breath

  • Every day drinking lemon with warm water will remove joint pain,

  • I have started fresh lemon ? concentrate around 8-10 Ml. Everyday. Is there any side effects of this.

  • How much do you mix??

  • How can I use lemon and water to lose my weight within a month

  • How quickly does this help lose a cold?

    i am currently struggling with a cold a need to lose it fast most chemist products have to yet had much effect

  • Is it a good remedy to balance blood pressure?

  • Is drinking warm lemon water enough to get the full skin benefits? Or do I need to apply lemon to my skin as well?

  • I hve chronic idiopthic uticaria; divertiticula; ileogastromy 20 yrs ago; & severe internal inflammaton that flares up approx 5 times per month. (Extremely crippling during attacks). I drink apple cider & water every day. No benefits but love the taste! Do u think warm lemon juice wld be helpful? Is it okey to drink it

  • My husband is severely jaundiced from hepatitis and diabetes and now I have him on warm lemon water, he’s starting to look a lot better.

  • Hi Marlene, do you have any knowledge on how warm lemon water affects one during a Crohn’s flare up? Thanks

  • Thank you Marlene,…You are wonderful and truly patient. It would help a great deal if people just did what you asked and read a little more so as not to repeat constantly. I appreciate you!

    Best health wishes,

  • What is the quantity of lemon and water for best results.

  • Hello
    Thank you for the informative article.
    I have started having half a lime with 2 glasses of water (at room temperature) every morning on an empty stomach.
    The first thing I have around 20 minutes after that is a glass of hot milk with Nescafe.
    Is this alright? Will the lime juice curdle the milk?

  • i i’m going to squeeze the whole lemon, so that means i need 2 glasses of hot water?

  • Can my 7years old girl drink the lemon juice every morning

  • Am Facing Digestive Pbm and Mng Flush please guide me

  • Useful information. Thank you Marlene. I take madication for tuberculosis and one of the drugs is in the morning on empty stomach. Should I take the lemon juice before or after and how long before or after?

  • Hi, will having lemon juice in hot (not warm) water on empty stomach in mornings have the same benefits as having warm water? Or will it have any adverse effects instead? My friend says having lemon juice with hot water helps fight cancer cells. Although effect of Vit C is lost in hot water, there are other anti-cancer ingredients that work in ‘lemon juice with hot water’ combination. Is this correct?

  • I am using lemon with hot water since 5 years and I am active and no cold , throat infection and weight of the body is normal and with this I use raw garlic without break.This is the best way to live normal life.

  • I have erosive gastritis. I get gas hitting my chest after meals due to which I often feel breathless. I on daily routine drink normal water and at times I take Rabiprazole early morning empty stomach. Can i also take lemon water empty stomach when taking the medicine? And is lemon helpful in erosive gastritis.

  • Is hot lemon water cure cacer

  • Can you tell me best way to prepare the warm lemon drink. Do you use a whole lemon, half lemon with how much water? 12 fl oz, 8 fl oz,.. etc…? Thanks

  • HI
    I have been taking apple cider in the morning on an empty stomach for the last 3 days. I have gastric reflux and reactive arthritis of the knees.
    Should I change to the lemon juice

  • Hi! Is lemon water can be used as a drinking water the whole day? What will be the effect? Thanks!

  • I m pregnant. shall I drink lemon juice ?

  • Madam, Recently diagonised with an enlarged prostate and I am crrently on 200mg dose of Bacstol (trimethoprim) tabd. I am also under medication for BP -Losartan, Amlodpine combo. Can I take Lemon in hot water ? Does it also prevent cancer ?

  • Does taking lemon water assist in eliminating kidney stones?

  • Can an ulcer patient take this hot water and lemon juice?

  • Lemon juice with Warm water . Drink in morning empty stomach. …
    This is harm ful for man or good ?

  • Hi Marlene,

    Between Lemon Juice and Apple cider vinegar which one would you recommend for weight loss?

  • How long should I take for me to take my breakfast after taking my lemon juice?

  • I use to prepare my coffee with sugar then I squeeze my lemon in it,can it still help me to reduce body weight?

  • Please can lemon and warm water help deal with kidney problem?

  • hello. i am just wondering, I have a thyroid issues, is it okay to take lemon in warm water?

  • Yes you can drink lemon water with thyroid issues.

  • It can, as lemon contains vitamin c which is very beneficial for kidneys and if there are kidney stones it can help to eliminate them.

  • It would be best to not drink coffee as it puts the body into a stress response. This stress response will make it difficult to lose weight.
    Just drink water with lemon and forget the coffee.

  • Have breakfast about 15 minutes after lemon and water.

  • Both can be helpful. Drink lemon and water first thing in the morning. Have 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water a few minutes before each meal to improve digestion.

  • Very good for man and woman!

  • You would have to try it and see if you are OK with it. In cases of ulceration it could be painful, then don’t drink it. On the other hand ulceration is often caused by H Pylori bacteria so the lemon water my help to eliminate the bacteria.

  • Yes it can be very helpful for kidney stones.

  • Certainly, it is a valuable food for you and your baby.

  • I would suggest one glass in the morning not all day.

  • Drink lemon and water first thing in the morning. Have 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water a few minutes before each meal to improve digestion.

  • Half a lemon squeezed into 8 ounces of water warm or cold water.

  • Not by itself, many other factor need to be addressed.

  • Rabeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor that suppresses gastric acid production in the stomach. I would not take lemon water at the same time as the medication. I would try the lemon water a few minutes before eating lunch or dinner and see how that feels and if it helps your digestion.

  • Excellent advice. Thank you for your suggestion!

  • I would put about 1/3 cup of cool water and the rest hot water then add the lemon to reduce any negative effect on nutrient content.

  • Drink lemon and water first thing in the morning. Have 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water a few minutes before each meal to improve digestion. This will help with weight loss.

  • Can lemon on hot water help in curing staphylococcus and other urinary track infections?

  • I have been drinking fresh lemon juice in warm water every morning and I can testify that I feel very healthy and strong. Each time I bumped into friends, they tell me I am always looking younger than my age. At 50, I feel highly energetic. Thanks to the power of the fresh LEMON.

  • Ma’am can I go as far as adding ginger to my Lemon warm water on empty stomach Routine? and still get the weight loss result? And more so, do you know of the GINGER LEMON CUCUMBER DETOX water.. can they all work at once if administered same period.. E.g lemon water in the morning then Detox as my drinking water all day long…. I really need to shed some pounds.

  • Can you add a few drops of stevia to the warm lemon water?

  • Can ulcer patient take warmwater lemon juices?.

  • To the person who put the lemon peel in their warm water in the morning. Lemon/lime peel is very high in oxalates which can cause kidney stones. Plain juice will keep you from getting stones

  • Can I use reconstituted lemon juice instead of fresh lemons? Would the benefits be the same?

  • Also, how much lemon and how much water? Thank you.

  • Can the lemon juice be done in a large quantity,whereby I can reward it every morning or should it be prepared on a daily basis?

  • Very informative article…
    I am age 45, under weight.. taking daily half lemon & 300 ml water at morning and half lemon at the time of lunch… I want to gain weight…now 52, at least 60 kg….should I continue or stop taking lemon.

  • how about lemon with cold water?? i dip the sliced lemon into my cold water and brought it to office.
    is it also good for health?

  • how much of warm water with lemon you need to drink and for how long before you eat

  • How effective is from lime drinking and lemon drinking?

  • how do you tell naturally if you have h pylori?

  • Do I drink it before or after taking my medications? I want to get off both my omeprozole and blood pressure meds eventually.

  • Can we take only the lemon juice without adding it to the warm water

  • Is there any special benefit for combining lemon with ginger drinks?

  • Marlene, I bought some lemons and limes from the market and squeezed out the juice in containers, can this already squeezed juice give me same benefits as the fresh squeezed, also can I use lime in place of lemon?

  • Thank you for sharing. I will be starting this in the morning. My hubby and I just did a whole diet change and we are starting to exercise. Hoping we can get bk in decent shape and start feeling better!

  • Can I take my morning thyroid pill with lemon water?

  • Does it have to be drunk on an empty stomach? I have it every morning but after breakfast. Am I doing it wrong?

  • warm water with lemon empty stomach good responce

  • Does Lemon juice help in reduction of belly fat and flat belly

  • like hw many minutes will I wait after taking d lemon juice nd for hw long will I take it b4 seeing results?

  • Is it helpful for reducing the risk of cancer?

  • How many weeks will taking lemon with water takes to reduce fat

  • Thank you for this grate information. Please is warm lemon water suitable for somebody with fibroid and pile? please confirm



  • Tens so much for sharing .

  • I love water with lemon, not only in the morning but any time during the day. I feel that it hydrates me very quick. Sometimes as a change I am putting little bit of cinnamon to it for different taste and also cinnamon is very good too.

  • Do I just add a lemon wedge or squeeze the lemon juice in warm water or hot water? And how fast does it start to take effect?

  • I thought lemon water was acidic. I was actually told to drink it so that I can raise the acidic levels in my body as I’m more alkaline. Your answer above said that lemon is more alkaline. Is there something I can drink that will make me more acidic if its not lemon water?

  • Hi,please can lemon juice with warm water cure HepatitisB?

  • If I add lemon juice in black tea, is the mixture still useful to the body?

  • Can I use lemon essential oil drops for the same effect?

  • I am 24 . Weighing 52 kg. Shall I drink lemon water in the empty stomach? If not so, could you recommend the alternative?

  • Persons with elivated liver enzymes can consume lemon warm water in empty stomach…

  • Is it also good to drink lemon juice in bottles (example: ReaLemon 100% Lemon Juice – 2/48 oz. Bottles) with warm water in the morning?

  • Will I lose my weight if I daily drink Lemon water early morning. As I dont want to lose my weight. I jzt want to increase my immunity. please suggest.

  • Philip, I am suffering from diabetes. What help can you offer?

  • Thanks mam for your wonderful information.Its really helpful to us. I share your description about the benefits of lemon juice with warm water to many people for giving information to the maximums..

  • I m 36yrs old. I started taking warm lemon water in empty stomach for last few days. Meanwhile my period came and I continued the same but this time I noticed bleeding was very less. ..50% less than normal time. Now my question is. . Is it because i took lemon in period time? Should I avoid lemon juice during this specific time?

  • is it ok if i dont eat at night and take water with lemon?

  • I love this ideas, am already taking Lemon warm water to be free from diseases.

  • Does lemon juice really help in treating fatty liver? Does it also helpful in removing alcoholic toxic from our body?

  • Can i drink lemon alone with out warm

  • How many lemon can i mixe in warm water befor taking?

  • I take half of lemon with warm water every morning before breakfast. Is it to much?

  • Should we add some salt ?

  • Is it ok for one with acute osteoarthritis to take the lemon and ginger drink twice daily? Or is any form of cutric acid bad for someone with arthritis.




  • How much lemon in warm water should I use? I also used a concoction of 1 cup of hot water, 2TBS ACV, the juice of one lemon, a half a teaspoon of raw honey and a half a teaspoon of cinnamon. What are the health benefits of this tea/concoction?

  • Hi,

    Please i want to know, is lemon water good for ulcer patient

  • When I take lemon juice, it purges me, is that the detoxification? and does it have side effects on a woman’s womb?

  • I am growing fat and my belly is getting bigger I want to lose weight if I take lemon water every morning would that be okay for me?

  • my mum has diabetes which has affected her sight and also a diabetic foot.Please will the lem on remedy cure it. We have spent a lot and she’s under going medication and treatment. There is a wound on her right foot.

  • Thanks so much Marlene for this great work you are doing.
    Please can I take lemon water trying to conceive?

  • This is so educative,,have been taking warm lemon water every morning and surely am doing great in terms of my weight loss

  • I slice my lemons up with the skins on and add to water during the day will this have the same effect please

  • Can I use bottled water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon or do I need to warm it up, This is a non refrigerated bottle water.

  • is lemon good for a lady without child or a pregnant woman.

  • aftw taking this solution,how long should you
    take before you eat anything??

  • I take thyroid medicine first thing in the morning, should I take my medicine before or after drinking lemon water?

  • Hi Marlene,
    I have GERD. Is it still okay to do the warm lemon water twice daily or would that make the GERD worse?


  • Can I use lemon warm water with sugar or salt is it any problems

  • Please I want to start drinking the warm water with lemon and also stomach exercise every morning before going to work. Will it help burn the my fat belly and course me to loose weight as well? Please reply on it. Thanks

  • m 25. overweight. using lemon juice from 3 months. but nothing happens .. any advice?

  • Use a ripe lemon.

  • Yes it will help to change the environment in the bowel and therefore improve the skin.

  • Yes, lemon water will help with post pregnancy weight loss.

  • There will be some other factors that need to be addressed.

  • Yes the lemon water and exercise will help you loose weight.

  • I wouldn’t add sugar but a little salt would be ok.

  • It is hard to say until you try it. I may improve your digestion but if there is inflammation it could be painful.

  • I would take the medication shortly after the lemon as the lemon water will adsorb fairly quickly.

  • About 15 minutes.

  • Yes, either.

  • It can be cold, room temperature or hot water, whatever you prefer.

  • It think you would get better results if you squeeze the lemon juice into the water.

  • That is wonderful to hear!

  • Absolutely!

  • Lemon water alone will not cure her diabetes or wound. She will need to address her diet, digestion, insulin levels and eliminate sugar.

  • Yes it will be helpful along with diet changes and some exercise.

  • It may be irritating to an ulcer. You would have to try it to see how it feels.

  • May be too much prune juice.

  • Thank you for all this useful info! I’m going to start drinking warm lemon water every morning. Sorry if it’s been asked before but what Is the mixture quantity ? How much freshly squeezed lemon and how much water. Thank you x

  • Is there any other benefits apart from the ones we already know When u add sea salt to your lemon juice?

  • Wow! Thanks so much for that. I used to take lemon but I never knew it has these benefits for our health. Thanks!

  • Please can. Hot lemon cure ashma?

  • Pls can lemon and warm water boost the immune system??

  • Hi, I’m told lemon juice will help gout in my toe, where my body is making to much uric acid which in turn causes the crystals which cause the pain, Is this correct. S.

  • i took lemon water for 10 days…….after 2 days i was getting the problem from continuous urine…. pls suggest

  • My husband had his gallbladder removed over a year ago and has had problems with his digestion ever since – like stomach cramps and loose stools. Is the lemon juice with warm water something he should do daily?

  • The lemon is not specifically for weight loss and should not cause you to lose weight if you don’t need to.

  • Thank you!

  • Drinking lemon water should not cause you to lose weight if you don’t need to.

  • Yes, this is typical after gallbladder removal as a major organ involved in digestion is now gone. The lemon water could certainly help with this. It would also be important to take a digestive enzyme that contains HCI, Bile and pancreatic enzymes with each meal.

  • It may be cleaning up your urinary tract or it my not be right for you. Stop drinking it for a week and see if the urination decreases. Then try drinking one glass per day and see what happens.

  • Yes, it can be helpful. Also you need to make some changes in your diet and remove all high purine foods.

  • Lemon has lots of Vitamin C which is very beneficial for the immune system.

  • There are many factors involved with asthma. Lemon water alone won’t cure it but it can.

  • You are welcome!

  • You are welcome! Half a fresh squeezed lemon with 8 ounces of water. The water can be hot, room temperature or cold.

  • Very useful article Marlene. I googled and started looking for information about adding little salt (for taste) to my ginger lemon juice which I started taking now. I got the answer here: just little ok but better if you do not add any salt or sugar. Absolute NO for sugar. That’s the answer I got. Great service Marlene. Keep it up.

  • I have some dental problem and my age is 26 years. Should I go with lemon juices with hot water daily.
    My treatment of my teeth going on.

    Please suggest its good in between my treatment. Should i take daily in the morning empty stomach.

  • I have chronic back pain; neck, shoulders, all over the mid and lower back. I get frequent massages. It helps with stiff muscles temporarily. Will lemon water help with my ultra-stiff muscles?

  • I get frequent massages from the pain and stiff muscles. Will lemon water help with my ultra-stiff muscles?

  • Hi, I was just wondering what difference would there be between having a lime in warm water in the morning and night compared to having a lemon in warm water in the morning and night? Thanks ….Asking while I’m enjoying a hot/warm cup of lemon water before bed.

  • Hi! I have noticed the signs of jaundice in my eyes and skin and i guess its due to the medicine I am taking. I couldnt stop that meds because thats the only medicine i need. Does warm lemon will help to reduce or get rid the sign of jaundice? thanks

  • Is lemon good for pregnant person

  • Gm! Just would like t n how much of warm lemon water do u drink in da morning and how often can u drink it in 1day.

  • How much warm lemon water do you drink in the morning

  • Do you get better benefits for the lemon juice if you drink it straight or do you need the warm water?

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is very helpful for me. I will continue using this remedy. God Bless you!

  • My age 60 now I walk more drink lemon with warm water every morning. I feel good
    But some times I feel throat got dried
    Please suggest. I like forum member to reply my query

  • will this reduce cholestrol

  • Is there any side effect by using lemon juice for the person with ulcers?

  • will lemon juice with warm water help in a condition of prostate cancer?

  • What is the ratio of water to lemons? Also how long will keep if making in a 1 gallon container? Thank You.

  • Hi I started drinking fresh home made lemonade about 2-3 weeks ago and notice has help me use the bathroom more often as I suffer from constipation. I can feel the difference, my belly fat has shrink, my waist looks smaller, I make myself fresh cold lemonade and store it in the fridge and add substitute sugar like Splenda I been drinking It around 3 times a week is doing that bad?

  • Can someone who has fibroid take lemon with warm water

  • What if we drink lemon water in the evening??
    Is it helpful or not

  • I came to know of this from a site named Kolkata Canvas. last 10 days we are drinking warm lemon water in the morning empty stomach and do not eat anything for about 2 hrs before breakfast. Getting very good result of reducing lower abdomen and overall better feeling. My wife has also reduced her lower abdomen and my son whole abdomen and feeling light weight. My acidity has reduced. I shared it with my daughter in Australia who sent me this link. Excellent !!

  • would it work with warm tea instead of water?
    and is this recommended for daily use?

  • Is it ok to drink lemon water throughout the day too? Or should I only drink it first thing in the morning?

  • Hi, I agree that lemon has alkalizing property which removes acid waste from the body. On the other side it also removes the uric acid from the bones joints which causes joint pain. I have experienced personally before knowing all these facts i used to have hot water with lemon, i ended up with kidney stones and severe joint pains. Please clarify me if i understood correctly

  • My stomach get burn if I drink warm lemon water in morning. Should I avoid it?

  • Going to try this out as what you say should help me in a lot of ways. Can I mix the organic cider with my warm lemon water or take them separately. It has helped me with lowering my blood pressure.

  • I would take the lemon water first in the morning and take 1 tsp of apple cider in 4 ounces of water before each meal. This will help your digestion.

  • Yes, I would not drink it, you may have some inflammation in the stomach.

  • There must be something else going on unless you are intolerant to lemon. Lemon would not cause kidney stones.

  • Once a day should be sufficient.

  • You would not get the same effect by adding it to tea. Yes, you can drink the lemon water once per day.

  • Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Yes, you can drink it in the evening, a couple of hours after dinner.

  • Certainly!

  • That is great news but do not add Splenda or other sugar substitutes or real sugar.

  • half of a fresh squeezed lemon and 8 ounces of water. I would suggest making it fresh everyday as you will lose nutrients by making ahead of time.

  • Yes, I am sure you will notice a difference.

  • If they are stomach ulcer it could be painful, if ulcers in other areas there should not be a problem, in fact it will help clear acids from the body.

  • Perhaps you need to drink more regular water throughout the day.

  • Elevated cholesterol is a sign of inflammation in the body. Lemon water helps to improve the environment in the body so it can have a positive effect on cholesterol.

  • You are very welcome!

  • I would not drink it straight, it is too strong and could damage your teeth.

  • I usually have one cup of warm water.

  • I suggest half a fresh squeezed lemon in 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning or later in the evening but just once per day.

  • Yes, very good.

  • Lemon water provides more support for the kidneys but it wouldn’t hurt for you to drink it once per day. You need to have some liver support, if it is from the medicine it is damaging your liver.

  • My partner suffers badly from gout and arthritis. Will this potion help with relief and controlling his attacts aswell? I’ve been taking a cup for a very long time and can vouch it works for a number of issues, but your input on gout will be appreciated

  • Hello

    As soon as i wake up i drink a litre of water. I want to start the lemon + hot water also. Should I continue the 1 litre & drink the lemon water after that or should i do it other way around

  • Hell
    Today is special you I have A disorder
    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    I was Drinking Lemon Juice water every morning not warm but just by adding lemon juice. To an 8 ounce bottle of water. Every morning after reading al these people. I am going to start drinking the lemon water warm
    Please help if there are other ways to help with this disoder. For pain everything about me . lets talk
    This is my first time trying yo handle this issue with out meds ..
    Thank You
    Ms Sadaqah Rashid

  • Could I add 1 packet of splenda to the lemon water?

  • I feel a sort of pain in my throat after drinking lemon water, what could be the reason behind it.

  • I’ve been drinking Lemon Water for 15 years.
    This week I had bariatric sleeve surgery and the surgeon told me I had a small, healthy liver, and thanked me.
    I had been a heavy alcohol drinker till the operation.
    Lemon water works.

  • Is Lemon water good for Fatty Liver ?

  • Hi, thanks for good info. I just began lemon water. Bought some lemon juice but later researched and found it is high in sodium. However, I mix it with water thus cutting down the 550mg per cup on the label. May move to squeeze own lemons. Question: I also learned that chicken bone broth is good. Wondering how soon after lemon water I should take the bone broth? thanks

  • I completely agree with cleansing the digestive system. I visit my daughter every other month and she always starts her morning with a cup of lemon juice (with 1/2 cup of orange for flavoring). I do it also and by the second day I have the best bowel movement. Never knew I could.

  • That’s great news! Thanks for sharing.

  • You must use fresh squeeze lemons. I would suggest lemon juice in the morning and chicken/ bone broth in the evening. In order to make bone broth whether from chicken, fish or beef you need to gently simmer the bones for at least 12 hours, do not use store bought/package. A crock pot is great for doing this as you can leave it on low over night.

  • Yes, definitely!

  • Thanks for sharing! There are many benefits to lemon water.

  • Absolutely not!

  • I would drink the lemon water first and them sip a couple of liters of water throughout the day.

  • Yes it will help with the gout for sure but your partner also needs to change the diet.

  • You might find the warm water and lemon better than cold water. I may be able to help you with your CRPS, I do have a consulting practice either in person or by phone/Skype. We could set up a consultation appointment for that.

  • You may need to dilute the lemon with more water.

  • Yes, you could use lime instead of lemon.

  • Lemon may help by reducing acidity in the body. Often still muscles are from too much acid. You could also try some magnesium to relax the muscles.

  • I would suggest 1 cup in the morning is sufficient. I would not drink it all day long.

  • Yes, you can drink it in the evening instead of the morning. In the morning it helps to wake the body up and get things moving.

  • Is drinking lemon water helps to reduce belly fat

  • Hi ,

    Im not a fan of water, drinking it without any flavoring tastes sooo bad and i am aware that i am not getting any healthier because of this. When i saw my friend drinking this and talking about the benefits, I immediately made myself a lemon water but i have not tried drinking it with warm water. Im getting fatter and fatter now. Do you recommend me drinking it in warm water?

  • can lemon juice and warm water boost your sexual life ?

  • Try it and let us know if it works!

  • Yes, drink it with warm water. You will also want to change your eating habits and get your thyroid checked.

  • Yes, it will help to reduce body fat as it will improve digestion and elimination.

  • Hi,would like to know if I would get the same health benefit if u boil the lemon with water and keep in the refrigerator. To consume within a space of 1 week.thanks

  • Instead of drinking it warm first thing on mornings I have like a half gallon of chilled lemon water a day.

    Would i reap the same befits??

  • How much lemon to warm water every morning? Is it 1 squeezed lemon to 8 ounces of warm water ? I want to start this tomorrow morning! Thanks

  • Drinking lemon juice or lemon with warm water is to a person with gout?

  • Being an acid, is there any negative report regarding human fertility as sexual intercourse is concerned?

  • Lemon with warm water , what is the idle temperature of water ,is it holier and cooled or just 30 to 40 ?
    After how many minute i can have coffee or tea,
    Do people allergic to lemon then why are the symptoms of allergy ,will it create any stmoch upsets ? Please reply

  • Mam! can it help or benificial to liver which is afected by viruses ?

  • Can I use it to cure external Hemorrhoids?

  • Hello, I am a mature woman whose body is changing right before her eyes. I will start with the lemon and warm water today and keep you posted!

  • I have been drinking warm lime water with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper for years now. I have seen all the benefits mentioned above. I newly started adding a sprinkle of turmeric as well. Do you think adding cayenne pepper and/or turmeric inhibits any of benefits? Thank you.

  • please can warm lemon water cure someone with hepatitis B.God bless you ma’am for good work you her doing AMEN

  • Is drinking lemon in warm water good for a diabetic

  • can i mix hot water with cold water for lemonjuice? for making warm only , it will work for reduce fat? my stomach increasing always.

  • can i add cold water with hot water for lemon juice?

  • Can you substitute lime juice for the same benefits?

  • It’s a great blog. I read this blog and its Amazing benefits of Lemon with warm water or Lemon Juice. Very nice and informative blog. Thank you.

  • Does cold water minimize the benefits? I drink organic lemon water every morning on an empty stomach, but I use cold water rather than warm.

  • I heard that consuming lemon water everyday is not good for the gums and that it wears away. is this true? instead of consuming it everyday can i do it once a week for this reason?

  • Can I add Honey or Stevia to the Lemon Water?

  • Can you use the Real Lemon juice in place of real lemons?

  • How much lemon juice should you use when drinking warm?

  • If I take lemom with cold water at evening??

  • I have high uric acid level issue..i have been taking lemon in cold water. Is that ok?

  • yery good

  • Is hot lemon tea as efficient as hot lemon water

  • If i squeeze and soak the lemon in a glass of cold water in the evening, then add a little hot water to it in the morning to make it warm before i drink, will it be still effective?

  • If i squeeze and soak the lemon in a glass of cold water in the evening, then add a little hot water to it in the morning to make it warm before i drink, will it still be effective?

  • Very informative, thank you.

  • Would lemon water help with dry mouth?

  • What effect is lemon juice in warm water to a person that can hardly pass urine??? Does it harm them or is it a good source of recovery!!!

  • Can a breastfeeding mother take lemon and warm water first thing in the morning and how can i use lemon to cure gingivitis? Thank you.

  • Pls I’ve hyperthyroidism can I drink lemon juice cos I really want to lose weight

  • Thank you very much for the nice information on use of hot lemon water in the empty stomach in the morning. But, I think amount of lemon juice to be taken is not clearly mentioned. Moreover, will it be possible to give detail information on limes also?

  • Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this great information. I started the lemon water today. It’s actually great because I didn’t got hungry faster compared to before.
    I just like to ask for the measurement of lemon and water? Today, I cut the whole lemon to 7 which is good for 1 week. I mixed 1 slice (unpeeled) to 1 glass boiling water. Is this the proper procedure?

  • Is it advisable to have coffee or tea (with milk) after drinking warm lemon water

  • I have been drinking lemon water for about a month. I had a friend come up to me the other day and ask me I can tell you stop eating at McDonald’s because it look like you’re losing weight I didn’t tell him it had to do with the lemon water. I take the water with me throughout the day and sip on it. It has helped to shrink my stomach to wear my shirts are not tight on me anymore. I am a diabetic type 2 and I noticed taking insulin does make me gain weight. So I changed my diet and drink the water all the time and I noticed a difference.

  • Hello, daily I drink fenugreek seeds water (soaked overnight) on empty stomach (without brushing teeth). If I want to start drinking lemon warm water, what should be the sequence? Also if you advice me to drink lemon water first, then how much time do I need to wait to drink fenugreek water or can I’ve immediately post lemon water.


  • Hi.. I knew that drinking hot lemon water early morning would help reduce weight, but someone told me that it will also reduce the belly fat.
    I would like to know if this is true?
    If it is, then do I need to add on diet or any other recommended food to reduce belly fat? (I am exercising often and consuming regular food but there seems to be no improvement in belly fat reduction)

  • Hi, what is the ratio of real lemon juice to water please.

  • Hie.You were talking of inflames.drinking lemon in warm water would it help me to stop feet burns.

  • Im drinking pure lemon juice every morning 10 minutes before breakfast. is it ok? My goal is to lose weight. Is better to drink it pure or with warm water?

  • I have ulcer ibs diverticulitis colitis I know I have bacteria in stomach colon n bladder will it hurt me to drink it

  • How much lemon juice to 8 oz of warm water should be used and how warm? Your article was very informative. Thank you , it is much appreciated.

  • I take medications in the morning, will drinking the lemon juice effect that in anyway?

  • Will lemon juice with warm water reduce body weight

  • How much lemon juice and how much warm water? Does it have to be freshly squeezed, or could several lemons be juiced and the juice saved in the fridge for several days?

  • Thank you so very much for sharing this information about lemon & warm water, I just started drinking it with warm water today, this morning.
    God bless you.

  • Does it make a difference if the warm water is only a cup of water or 18 ounces of warm water?

    Thank you.
    God bless you.

  • Comments from your followers and your answers are so valuable to peoples healthy

  • Please what recipe can i use to reduce my belly fat. Its really a source of concern. I need your urgent reply, God bless you.

  • Hi,

    I’m already skinny but I have common bold problems. So how do i go about this? I’m interested in all the other benefits except weight loss…

  • Does the lemon juice have to be from fresh lemons or will bottled lemon juice work?

  • I have neuropathy, is lemon in warm water going to help and improve my damaged nerves?

  • I have been suffering with stomach digestion for years, to points where I could not walk. For the past 2 years now I have been drinking lemon tea with honey and a little slice of ginger to taste (sometimes) every morning. I can tell you I have no stomach issues at all. No more pills to help me digest. Please note this will not happen overnight, it takes time and true discipline. I peel my lemons, slice them into wedges and pop them in the freezer. Every morning I take out 2 wedges and my honey, warm water and good to go. Hopefully this helps someone out there. Peace and Love , All is well

  • Is lemon juice in a bottle effective or do I need to use fresh lemons each time?

  • Is it okay if i am having 1 cup green tea in evening daily along with lemon and water in the morning. Will the effects for wight loss be the same. And I heard honey with lemon water on empty somach also helps in wight loss. Which method is good with or without honey?

  • I am drinking lemon juice first thing in the morning empty stomach for more than 15 years and know its benefit.

  • It seems there are more questions than answers here. Well, lemon is one of the most popular and versatile citrus fruit. Lemon (Citrus lemon) is a species of small evergreen tree in the flowering plant family Rutaceae. The tree’s yellow fruit is used for culinary and non-culinary purposes in Uganda and throughout the world. Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, providing 64% of the Daily Value in a 100 g serving. Lemon fruit is a gift from God! Lemon juice is an effective way to reduce weight because it increases the body’s metabolic rate. Lemon water is simply the juice from lemons mixed with water. NB: lemon water is one glass of water mixed with the juice from half a lemon. Some people are asking if lemons should be diluted or not before consumption. Lemons are a popular fruit that people from different corners of the world use in small quantities with water (warm water is better) with herbs and spices. They are rarely consumed alone, due to their intense, sour flavor. Lemons are vitamin C rich citrus fruits that enhance your beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within bringing a glow to your face. Other health benefits of drinking warm lemon water is that it paves the way for losing weight faster, once more, lemon is an excellent and rich source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies. It balances to maintain the pH levels in the body. Lemons contain pectin fibre which is very beneficial for colon health and also serves as a powerful antibacterial. It is also a great source citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It helps prevent the growth and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and diseases. It helps reducing pain and inflammation in joints and knees as it dissolves uric acid. Drinking warm lemon juice early in the morning helps flush out toxins and aids digestion and encourages the production of bile. Additionally, lemon water contains other beneficial substances, and is a source of plant compounds called flavonoids. These flavonoids have antioxidant properties that appear to help protect your cells from damage. Rinse your mouth with clean water after drinking a glass of lemon juice. In case you are allergic to lemon juice, do not drink it. If it gives you pain, do not take it. Overall, lemon is good for your health. More importantly, I thank God, who created the lemons for us. And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food (Genesis 1:29).

  • Would lemon essential oil work in warm water the same as lemon juice?

  • Drinking lemon juice with warm water reduces acidity and gas ???

  • Drinking lemon juice without warm water is it not good

  • Can I use real lemon , lemon juice instead of fresh due to the cost?

  • Does lemon water help with IBD patients and crohn’s disease. Especially if they are on antacids and cortisone medication with cramps on and off..
    Thank you,

  • Hi: I am going to start drinking the lemon water early in the morning. Can I drink this thoughout the day? I want to lose weight and I hope it helps me.

    Thank you

  • Thank you Marlene, Recently, your article was highly recommended to me by my shiatsu massage therapist/acupuncturist, who outlined the benefits of the lemon water. It have gathered much practical advice from your article and the very interesting Q’s and A’s above. Thank you for taking the time to explain the natural benefits it has for the human body. I’ve been wondering how the various fibre therapy products and the newly marketed natural sourced laxatives for constipation, which M.D.s are prescribing, actually compare? Thank you.

  • Hi all just new to this page but yup I have been drinking lemon water past few months now and definitely feeling the benifits but I do a wee bit different I cut half a lemon into pieces put into a normal cup fill with boiling water leave over night at room temperature and drink it the next morning before my coffee of course ? Always use fresh lemons so get it on that shopping list. PS put the lemon pieces into sink and when you’ve finished doing your dinner dishes use them to clean your sink.

  • Can we take lemon with cold water for strong liver

  • After suffering with arthritis in both knees for years i tried drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach..it has worked.both knees are so much all the aches and pains have gone also helped with weight loss

    I am sceptic but this DOES WORK

  • hii
    i am 26 year old. i want to loose belly fat.i want to know that can i take lemon juice at 5 p.m.. because due to somethe reason i can not take juice at morning

  • Does drinking lemon juice with cold water provide the same benefits? I’d like to make it in the evening and grab and go in the morning

  • Wow great article keep it up.

  • Is drinking warm water in the morning good for a hepatitis b patient who already has jaundice??Pls let me know..

    Thanks very much.

  • Hi
    I don’t like to drink lemon in warm water I just like in normal water . Will it have benefits?

  • Is it okey if i just drink room temperature water with lemon juice instead of warm ?

  • helpful post

  • Will it cure my bacteria n uti .

  • I have kidney stones made from calcium but my weight is 100kg now… i want yo reduce it… should i use lemon water as it also has calcium

  • Can the lemon be added with water and boiled

  • Please I am suffering asthma problem and when it start I will have lungs and breathing problems , will drinking lemon mix with water cures it

  • i m having severe cold, can lemon water in warm water would help in this, or should i not drink till i get over my cold

  • How much water and how much lemon

  • My gums bleeds many years using all sort of medication they didn’t help i have 3months drinking warm water and lemon first thing in the morning .its stops now l can smile,i brush my teeth without bleeding.Then i have a thyroids now is controllable.

  • does lemonade have the same benefits as lemon juice

  • Will lemon juice & warm water in any way affect one’s blood pressure?

  • Every time I drink lemon juice in warm water I get a bladder infection. How much lemon juice must I use , could I be using too much lemon juice .

  • Instead of lemon juice and warm water,can I take lemon juice and ordinary water?

  • what if you drink the warm lemon water at night

  • I apologize if I missed it, but what are the parts for the lemon water? For example, 1/2 lemon to 1 cup of water?

  • Marlene your blog on Lemon and Warm water is On Point! I had a fatty Liver. After 90 days of your Warm Lemon water twice a day. My Liver is back to normal size and all enzymes levels are back to normal! Thank you Marlene.

  • Can I drink lemon with warm water throughout the day? I am using fresh lemons halved.

  • My gum is swollen can I take boiled lime water

  • Can i use Room Temperature Water instead of Warm Water?

  • What is the advantage of drinking it with warm water as opposed to cold?

  • Can i drink warm water with lemon in night. After my dinner?

  • How many times should I drink lemon tea in a day for better result.

  • I drink about 4 qt of lemon water(cold) a day!is this bad for me or good?

  • Im slim as in like skinny, can i drink warm lemon water on empty stomach without loosing weight? And how can i achieve that? I actually want to gain weight

  • I have just started this, does it need to be a large cup or is it okay with just a glass. As I find the sour taste abit over to harsh lol.

  • Does it have any negative effect on ARVs.
    Love the other benefits but not weight reduction. My weight is 54.
    im I underweight

  • How good is lemon in warm water for cancer if you are about to start chemotherapy for breast cancer?

  • my doctor tells me I have a fatty liver does Lemon help with that?

  • Hello! I was wondering, how much warm water and is it a half or whole lemon

  • Marlene,I am SO glad I found this site and all your replys…I just started this drink in the mornings..As I have ALOT of inflammation in my joints…I will be checking out your website for sure…Thank you again…And all of you for sharing your personnal issues

  • I have a question will lime with warm water every morning be good to drink and lose weight. Can I drink it before dinner. Will it help me lose weigh?? Do I have to take a whole lime or half a lime.

  • Can I drink morning and evening before sleep with normal water

  • Hi, I drink 20ml of Apple cyder vinegar and teaspoon of Wildflower honey and hot water first thing in the morning. My question is, according to your experience, which is better, the Apple cyder vinegar concoction or the lemon juice and hot water mix over time or taking both 30 min apart? Thanks

  • Can I take my thyroid medicine with warm lemon water? I take my synthroid 125 every morning on empty stomach.

  • I’ve also read about the benefits of turmeric and black pepper. What about mixing lemon juice, 1 tsp turmeric and 1/4 tsp black pepper in 12 oz of warm water to start the day?

  • Hi im having a small swelling at the stiching site of my thyroid surgery. They are telling mt to go for “Angio Embolisation” but now i started drinking lemon water. Dors it cure swelling instaed of taking medicines?

  • Hi
    Can I add a little bit of salt to the mixture of lemon juice and warm water?

  • Can fresh squeezed organic lemon juice be frozen in ice cube trays for individual use? Does freezing lose any of the benefits?

  • How much lemon to warm water every morning???

  • Hi there,is lemon good for the kidney patient like CKD? thanks.

  • I really have an aversion to warm or hot drinks. Will ice water have the same effects?

  • Hi! I was just wondering if lemon water acts as a laxative?

  • Hello Marlene!

    Great information and something my husband and I are looking into starting. I’m wondering how much lemon juice we should add to our warm water in the morning and how much water should be mixed with it as well? What is the ratio of lemon juice to warm water?

  • I am Austrian by birth and just wanted to point out an Austrian remedy for migraines, it does seem to help a lot of the time.
    Coffee with lemon.
    You can mix it which is disgusting so I recommend you squeeze the lemon and drink that and then drink a cup of coffee. Give yourself a moment to sit down to do this. Occasionally it seems to be enough to just drink the lemon or eat the cut up fruit but mostly not.

  • Hi
    My son takes seizure meds but has digestive problems. Will giving him lemon juice remove the med/detoxify to the point it lowers the drug level in the bloood / reduce seizure threshold and lead a seizure?

  • Hi, i have ulcer and am diabetic, can i drink lemon juice and warm water?

  • If you have a stomach ulcer you can try the drinking lemon water but it is possible that it will irritate the ulcer and could be painful. If it is take some warm water and baking soda. Heal the ulcer first before trying lemon water again.

  • I would recommend half a fresh squeezed lemon to 1 cup of warm water.

  • It could as it helps to stimulate digestion.

  • I would suggest cool water but not ice water. Very cool drinks with shut down digestion.

  • Half a fresh squeezed lemon to 1 cup of water.

  • Sure, sea salt.

  • Yes, the turmeric would help with inflammation and give it a kick!

  • Hello Marlene
    I am drinking lemon water from three months
    Due to that my tooth enamel was dissolved and I have cavities
    Can u suggest me how to drink lemon water without affecting my teeth

  • I have been drinking 1 glass of warm lime water with 1 tsp raw organic honey from beginning of last year. To my stunned surprise, I didn’t fall even little sick also with cold and cough for one time also throughout the entire year. That is a record for me as in the last 25 years, I have been unfailingly, regularly falling sick with Bronchitis cough and cold at least 2 to 3 times per year , as I have a weak, compromised immune system. But after taking this mixture quite regularly for whole of last year, I came right to the December month without falling even once sick also with that terrible Bronchitis , or even with ordinary cough and cold also. My weight has also remained stable at a lower value without going up.

  • hello,please I need urgent help on diets that will prevent belly fat.it’s kinda fraustrating.not looking good at all.

  • I started drinking the lemon juice with warm water but about a week later I started getting tired of the sour taste so I now make a warm tea (green, white, floral, chamomile, whatever I have) and add a little stevia to it along with the juice of half a lemon in it and I love it but wondering if I am now doing it wrong? Or messing up the effects of plain lemon and water.

  • Hi Marlene, thanks for the education !!!

  • I don’t want to loose weight but I would like to achieve the other results while taking the lemon water.
    Is it possible to drink it everyday without losing weight??

  • I have been using lemon juice with warm water for a cold and getting really good results. Is it also useful for recurring yeast infections?

  • Can you use the lemon juice in a bottle with warm water alsp

  • Great article – What is the ratio…1 lemon to an 8oz glass of water or 1/2 lemon to 8oz or otherwise?

    Thank you

  • How much of a lemon should I squeeze in to a cup of hot water every morning?

    The whole thing? half? Does lemon juice from a plastic bottle work just as well?


  • my dad is 68 and had continuous hiccups for five years now. you mentioned something about electrolytes, will this lemon and hot water remedy help to improve his condition?

  • It is worth a try.

  • half a lemon is sufficient. No you need fresh lemon.

  • Half a lemon to 8 ounces.

  • If you mean bottled lemon no, you need to use fresh squeezed.

  • It will help to change the environment if the body but you also need a specific diet and anti-fungal formulas.

  • Yes, if you don’t need to lose weight then you won’t.

  • I have had a ileostomy and a reversal. It is ok to drink the Lemon water every mornings.

  • Does it have to be warm water? How much water/lemon?

  • I’ve read most of the comments. I squeeze 1/2 lemon in room temperature water sometime in the morning. Is room temperature water sufficient for benefits? (I was confused by some of the answers from Marlene. You said that if the water wasn’t warm, it might not help.

  • Is lemonade useful for cardiovascular patients?? What I heard is that lemonade will break or burst the veins of the body. Is that true??

  • Can you drink lemon water detox if you need to put weight on i am 97. Lbs and want to put weight back on a little but would like to drink lemon water as a detox

  • What is the effect on the body of adding Spenda to the lemon juice?

  • Can a woman continue with warm lemon water drink when pregnant ?
    Thanks my sister; God bless you !

  • Can you use lemin juice or does it have to be fresh lemons

  • My father passed two kidney stones 15 + years ago and I have been terrified of getting one ever since. The insane pain he suffered was enough to research the effects of lemon juice on these stones. There is factual evidence that lemon juice will dissolve Kidney Stones. I have been a big proponent of this morning ritual and have yet to have one.

  • Can I use bottled lemon juice? If so, how much to 1 cup warm water?

  • Why won’t bottled lemon juice work?

  • I drink it cold every day. It is my drink of choice. Is that ok.

  • Is lemon good for fertility?

  • Is lemon good for fertility? Can a woman trying to conceive take the lemon water?

  • Hi , what is the benefit of honey Wt the warm water and lemon juice


  • I drink cool lemon honey distilled water everyday all day 4 times a week. Its awesome. I feel clean inside, and I notice if something is not right when i feel down or not so energetic.

  • I have 2 questions; Why does the water have to be warm? Also, I have a daughter that has to take antacid medicine. Would she benefit from drinking the warm lemon water?

  • Can I use bottled lemon juice or the juice that comes in the plastic lemon?

  • What are your comments about Apple Cider Vinegar!

  • Hi, I just started drinking 1 cup warm water with lemon and it has started to help with my constipation and IBS. I drink. Coffee after 1st cup. Wondering if 1 cup w lemon water is enough?

  • After your morning of warm Lemon water and all your other foods you have been eating all day can you have lemon cumber and mint water at bed time

  • Hi,

    I am hypertensive. Does it also have good results to reduce blood pressure for taking lemon with hot water in the morning empty stomach.


  • Just curious as to why you don’t mention the benefits of lemon juice in battling kidney stones. My doctor recommended this after 2 severe attacks. I have been drinking lemon juice for the last 15 years with no kidney stone recurrence.
    Also why do you recommend drinking it warm? Does being chilled diminish its effectiveness?

  • Hi Marlene, Will boiling the water first and adding the fresh squeezed lemon destroy any of the nutrients because the water is boiled? Tks

  • I noticed slight vagin*l bleeding after drinking lemon water, why is this happening? Can somebody enlighten me? 🙁

  • Since the 28th of January, I have been drinking the warm water, a dash of apple cider vinegar,1/2 fresh squeeze lemon juice and honey and it is delicious. I have experience less inflammation and better elimination. I have changed my eating habits. I feel so good. I am glad I started. I will continue.

  • I don’t understand why the lemon juice needs to be warm. Doesn’t the stomach make the temperature equal to that of the body once it’s been there for a few seconds (as long as your not chugging it down)?

    Also, why fresh squeezed? Organic lemon juice that isn’t pasteurized isn’t any different, is it? Perhaps it has a tiny difference because it’s freshly squeezed but considering the cost (60 cents each for organic) and inconvenience of using whole lemons makes the alternative much more appealing, to me.

    I drink lemon juice all day, every day along with my psyllium husk capsules I take every three hours. Trying to find time at work to squeeze lemons isn’t practical.

  • A really good article…just one question what would be the best time in the morning to consume it for optimal effects..I wake up at 4am btw.
    Thank you

  • A really good article…just one question what would be the good time in the morning to consume it for best results..I wake up at 4am btw.
    Thank you

  • It is all amazing about lemon and the benefits.

    My skin colour is inconsistent, sometimes am light at times am dark. Can lemons help me because am originally chocolate brown.

  • I am regular smoker.. But rarely I drink.. Does warm water with lemon will help me out to clean my respiratory system.

  • I’ve been using room temperature water with a half of lemon. Does the water need to be warmer then that?

  • can green tea be used with the lemon water

  • Thank u Marlene can I use lime instead of lemon

  • Yes you can.

  • I would eliminate the Stevia.

  • Yes you can have green tea with lemon water

  • No, room temperature is good.

  • Yes, it will help the respiratory system as well as liver an kidneys especially if you stop smoking.

  • I don’t know if lemon water will help with your skin color but you could try it to find out.

  • When you wake up, drink it about 20 minutes before having food.

  • If it is not fresh squeezed then it will contain some form of preservatives even and especially if organic. The water doesn’t have to be warm, it is just what your prefer. I would not suggest drinking lemon water all day long, morning or morning an evening is sufficient. Psyllium is best before bed or first thing in the morning half an hour before food. I do find psyllium is better with warm water.

  • Thank you for sharing!

  • The uterus is used as a means of elimination so it could be that some toxins are being released or your hormones are waking up a little or a shift is taking place.

  • I would put about 1/3 cup of cool water, then add boiled water and then the lemon. There will be less destruction of the Vitamin C.

  • I did talk about the benefits of lemon juice for kidney issues in a couple of previous comments. You can drink it with cool or cold water, no change effectiveness just preference.

  • Yes you can.

  • 1 cup of lemon water should be sufficient. Stopping the coffee will help your IBS.

  • 1 tsp of Apple cider vinegar in a little water 15 minutes before a meal will improve your digestion.

  • Certainly.

  • No, it does not.

  • The water does not have to be warm it is your choice, cold is also fine. If she does not have a stomach ulcer then the lemon water would help her digestion.

  • Thank you for sharing!

  • Joint pains are related to poor digestion and allergic reactions to foods. Lemon water will help her digestion and elimination.

  • It makes it sweeter but it can also effect blood sugar levels and trigger an insulin response which is not good.

  • There is no harm in drinking lemon water while trying to conceive.

  • Yes!

  • I would only use fresh lemon.

  • That’s great! Lemons are very beneficial for the kidneys.

  • Fresh lemons

  • Yes, drinking lemon water is perfectly safe during pregnancy.

  • No, lemons are very high in Vitamin C and will help to repair the veins and arteries.

  • It does not have to be warm, it can be cool or cold. It will work just as well.

  • Certainly.

  • No, it will not effect his medication but will help his digestion.

  • About 8 ounces is enough.

  • The lemon water will help improve your digestion so you will get more nutrients from your foods and be able to put on some weight.

  • That is a lot of lemon water.

  • once in the morning and or evening

  • No difference.

  • Half a fresh squeezed lemon to 8 ounces of warm or cool water.

  • Great news!

  • Yes drink the lemon water and it will help.

  • You are welcome!

  • Thank you for letting me know.

  • This is really interesting of what Lemon can do healthwise in the body. And I also learnt a lot from the comments.

  • Thank U, I did not know that lemons had so many benefits to the body and digestive system. I recently started drinking fresh squeezed lemons in water to increase my H2O consumption.

  • I got lot of thirsty after drinking this.Is that any problem?

  • I Have ulcer problem in my stomach. SO will it be safe for me to drink warm lemon water on empty stomach every morning??

  • Does lemon juice aggravate kidney stone cases?

  • Hi Marlene
    Thank you for sharing this very important information. Yes God is awesome He has supplied us with all of our needs. We either choose to use it or ignore it. Thank you for your patience in replying to repetitive questions. I had started using lemon in my water way before we could Google anything and I would get the burning sensations in my stomach, so I stopped. Recently I started using lemon and water again. I googled the subject and found your article on how to use it properly. This is my 3rd day of using it and already I am seeing a great difference in my skin tone. I rinse my mouth out with water immediately after drinking the warm lemon water and this helps to take away the sensitivity in my teeth. Thank you and may God bless you!

  • The alternative is sipping on a cup of flavoured herbal infusion tea consisting of mint and lemon. An excellent beverage and the health benefits are outstanding.

  • Extremely informative. Thank you. **Worthwhile to read through completely prior to asking questions. Would avoid author having to answer duplicate questions repeatedly.

  • Have trouble losing weight and I have a lower abdomen hernia. I do hope this lemon juice and water will help with both problems! The hernia is scaring me as it seems quite large.

  • Can someone with constant chest pain take lemon water?


  • Hey there ! I love drinking lemon water but at the same time I have a high metabolism. I want to gain weight. So how can I drink it without losing weight ? Thank you !

  • I have been drinking only lemon water since December 2018. I have noticed a little weight loss. Should I be worried about dental enamel break down?

  • Hi I really wasn’t a fan of lemons however after I read the article about drinking lemon juice & warn water being good for joint pain I gave it a shot. Started Saturday, I’ll let you know in a month… fingers crossed

  • For weight Loss – I am on a diet, eating only fruits & vegetables + Walking almost 4 km daily.

    Is it beneficial to Drinking half Lemon/Lime in 1 liter of warm water (4-6 glass) in the morning before breakfast?

  • Is lemon warm water reduce belly fat?help me plz,,,

  • I didn’t know that lemon water has so many benefits. I have started drinking it in the morning and hope to see many results in the near future.

  • I’m so happy I found this information! I was looking for a hot morning beverage to replace coffee as my first drink of the morning. I’m 55 and have always struggled with irregularity. My best solution has been to ensure I drink plenty of water (still do). But I started drinking hot lemon water (I call it lemon tea) every morning and I have BMs every day, I’ve never had that! And then all of a sudden I realized I’m not having the body pain I’ve been having as a 8hour a day desk worker, (Hatha yoga stretching, helps but I’m not consistent) I’m consistent and I enjoy starting my day with lemon tea and the benefits are life altering! It’s only been about 3weeks but it’s my new way of life! I expect it will only get better and better!

  • Thank you so much for a great article and for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions. My one quick question which hasn’t been directly asked….what about using lemon essential oils? Could I use a couple of drops instead of a fresh lemon?

    Thank you!

  • Good works

  • lemon juice is rich in vitamin c (ascorbic acid), and you say it helps your system be more like alcali(nic) and ward off many diseases…chemistry says acid is not having the same properties with alkali and are in fact opposite…how’s this? thanks

  • Can you use bottled lemon juice ? Can ?

  • After seeing this article ,from last week I have started this and I drink lemon water (warm ) at mor 4:30 and now my knee pain completely vanished
    Thank for such article..

  • A friend of mine who runs an Ayurvedic practice recommended to me years ago to have 1-2 pints of warm water first thing each morning, and for the last several years I have been squeezing half a lemon into this. It’s a great to start to the day. Reading the various benefits that you listed rings pretty true in my experience!

  • This is a great piece, and very helpful. Please I want to be sure if this can help reduce my pot-belly. Recently, I found my tommy growing bigger by the day, and whenever I eat, no matter how little, my tommy get so tight. I will be very glad to read from you. Best Regards.

  • Hi. I am drinking lemon in warm water every morning the last 3 months and it already made a big different to my body. It gives me lots of energy before i do my morning work out, i haven’t got anymore skin problem, lost weight and feel much healthier. I usually put one teaspoon of honey in the lemon water.. Do you think it’s ok to drink the lemon with honey?

  • I have alot of floaters in one of my eyes. Someone told me that drinking warm water with lemon on an empty stomach first thing in the morning will help dissiate the floaters and film thats with them. Is this true and how long does it take to break it up?

  • How much lemon drink is ok in one day! – how many lemons would you use if able to drink throughout the day and is there anything else that could be added to lemon water to help with weight loss

  • How much lemom water should i drink in the morning with warm water?

  • For acne treatment, Im assuming you apply it to the problem areas, any suggestions on how it should best be used without causing irritation?

  • Nice informative

  • The last few times my 2 kids have brought home the various “plagues”, i began squeezing half a lemon into water, morning and night. My goodness, the most sick i became each time is a small tickle in the throat, and maybe a day of minor sniffles. Amazing the healing properties of a little fruit!

  • I have a habit of drinking a liter cold overnight stored water every morning (tips of my grandmother). Now I want to start with lemon with warm water. Would you recommend doing either or both? If both then should there be a time gap between lemon and normal water drinking. Also I take thyroid medication in early morning. Where should I place this in my morning schedule?

  • Starting my day with warm water and lemon has helped me a lot.

  • How many ml of lemon juice do i need in a glass of warm water?

    How much of the lemon juice in water do i need to consume a day?

  • It wasn’t clear to us that we need to use half a lemon’s juice in our water in the morning. We’ve been squeezing a wedge of lemon into our water for months. Have we experienced any health benefits as a result? Also, we have noticed that we cough until a small amount of phlegm is coughed out every morning. We believe the timing of starting to drink lemon water every morning and starting to cough every morning is close. Is that a result of drinking lemon water?

  • Hi can I ask what is the best measurement for drinking lemon water? Do I need to use 1 lemon for a glass of water?

  • warm lemon juice is an awesome remedy truly for stomach gas. soon as i read your post, i took it warm as prescribed and boom… the gas was swallowed up with every sip…
    lemon is a miracle fruit

  • How many ounces do you drink of Lemon juice and warm water in the morning

  • Ive been drinking lemon water in a diffuser for over 2 yrs. I am 43 and it’s the first time in my life that I haven’t been sick (not even a cold) since drinking it. Cured my IBS of 16 yrs. Lost weight and tons of energy.
    My twist, I drink 8 oz of lemon h20 in the morning, then 2 oz of 100% blueberry juice with a handful of blueberrys. Try it, the healthy benefits are even better then just the lemon water.

  • Can lemon and lime be taken at same time with warm water on an empty stomach? What of soaking the whole contents with the juice in the water.

  • Hey,

    Its my first time drinking warm water with lemon.. after drinking it, i feel better in my stomach and whole body!

    Thank you for your advise!

  • Thanks for the information!!!I am going to start the warm lemon water in the mornings.I am 58 years old and need to loose belly fat.

  • did lemon will me because I am a smoking
    I have try to stop but don’t work
    did you have any way
    thank you

  • I cut lemons into small pieces with skin, just leave out the seeds and puree until it’s like smoothy. Measure a cup full and mix with 2 to 3 tablespoons of raw honey with warm water and drink it early in the morn empty stomach. Been drinking this for 2 years and no more joint pain, back pain and knees pain. No more pain killers and common colds. More energy to do things

  • how about drinking lemon with warm water at the evening before bed will it help

  • Do you use warm tap water or warm mineral water.

  • I’ve drank lemon water in the past and lost a good amount of weight with exercise. My question does lemon water help break down kidney stones or get rid of kidney stones?

  • What is the benifit if I add the lemon and warm water with mint and honey. Then I drink in the evening before bed?

  • All of the information read is very beneficial and I’m looking forward to trying this out. As far as the water… Can it be tap water or should it be purified?

  • Marlene, you have been doing great with all ur passionate, taughtful, polite and sincere responses. The lemon drink had made remarkable recovery on my knee and occasional back pain when i stood for long hours. It helped manage my BMi back to normal.:)

  • Is the water good at room temperature or do I have to heat it up

  • Why does the lemon juice burn my face?

  • Can drinking of this lemon juice cure hypertitis

  • Can lemon juice help with acne

  • I am a skinny of 23 , where i am trying hard to get some healthy weight, can i take lemon water in this condition?

  • Mam ,this is useful but ,can we use this for thin persons ? One of my friend has indigestion problem but she is thin and she don’t want to loose weight instead she wants to gain weight,is this useful for her ? Plz reply me

  • I have colitis, is, is lemon water ok to drink with this please

  • Can you use the bottled lemon juice that is in the produce aisle it doesn’t seem to have added sugar. And the plastic squeeze lemons and limes.

  • I am already skinny.. So I don’t want to lose weight.. I want to gain weight instead but want to improve digestion and appetite.. So whether this will help? And what is the amount of lemon juice to be taken on empty stomach.. Please let me know

  • Can warm water lemon shrink fibroid?

  • Take lemon with it back does it have any side effects bcos dats d way I have been taking mine please I want to know

  • Hi I just wanted to know if I can add honey or sweetners to the lemon water for sweetness

  • wow thank you !
    It helps me a lot !
    .i started 2 weeks and i lose 2 kilos.im using straw because of my teeth sensitivity

  • I have trouble falling asleep, so every night I have some lemon, honey and water and I fall asleep much faster. I went from falling asleep in 3 hours to 5 minutes.

  • Thanks for the information. I have started with warm lemon water this week and I hope to get a positive result soon. I want to loose weight. what else can I do aside the lemon water to help me reduce weight as I understand lemon alone cannot do the trick. Thanks.

  • I do lamon with my diet si good for my lose weight fast

  • How much warm water and lemon do I drink every morning I wanna try it out but don’t know the amount of both to put in a cup??

  • If I have lemon water in the morning it’s too acidic, I have an upset stomach all day. How about drinking after lunch? Does the water need to be warm?

  • how much do you drink and what is the ratio of lemon to water?

  • Hi Marlene, I am 64 and for years, I’ve used cold water, lemon juice, cayenne & maple syrup as a 2-5 day fast, whenever I start feeling sluggish to clean out my system, usually a couple times a year. I always feel clean and terrific afterwards. Also, I always lose about 10 pounds, but I just thought it was because I wasn’t eating solid foods. Now, after reading this article and all the comments, I am going to start drinking warm water and lemon on an empty stomach without the maple syrup and cayenne. Instead I’ll add green tea and Turmeric to help with my swollen joints. I have heard that key limes are better for you than lemons any truth to that? Thanks Marlene!!!

  • Yes i drink ice water with Lemon and Cucumbers i use it for a Detox does it work to try to loose weight?

  • Very good for those whom suffer with morning breath too as it flushes out the system and it also makes your poo smell less foul also

  • Hi mam, hope taking lemon water without dilution doesn’t have reverse side, secondly does it help to eliminate mouth odour.

  • Can this remedy also take care of the urinary system??

  • I started taking lemon water in the morning on empty stomach, but not with warm water( just with room temperature water), these were the effects I faced
    1) Ulcer in my throat
    2) Sun burn on my chest and back on my shoulder
    And all these happened within 5days of consuming lemon water and now stopped taking it.
    What would be the reason for this???

  • I don’t know if this is just a coincidence, but I have been exercising and doing weight training for the last few months and making lots of progress, now I am stuck with stubborn fat. I just started drinking a lot of lemon water in the morning before I eat and throughout the day, and I swear I am seeing improvement in my stomach!

  • how many lemons do you have to use in your water and how much water do you have to drink in the morning

  • I have read that 90% of the benefits of lemon are in the skin/pith, and that freezing the lemon before use increases the benefit is that correct?

  • How much Lemon would you recommend, I have been using the juice of half a lemon, is that enough or would you suggest a whole lemon. Also, if I squeeze the lemon the night before and keep in the fridge, is that ok?

  • Hi
    I really want to lose weight and want to be healthier!
    I started drinking warm water and lemon every morning on empty stomach
    Can anyone tell me how can I lose weight faster way????

  • Hello Mam…I am taking lemon with cold water early in the morning in empty stomac can it have the same benefits or not ? plz reply thank you

  • Does taking warm lemon water in empty stomach dissolve kidney stone? Does it reduce belly fat.

  • I’ve been squeezing the juice and putting the lemon in my water because that’s all I drink. I have a 32oz bottle I try to get in as much water as I can especially since I work 3rd shift. Since I’ve been drinking lemon water I can tell it has decreased my bloating a lot…which by the way is a constant issue for me. And my energy level has increased. Before all I could do is sleep and now I can enjoy the day. Nothing has worked before and I’ve tried a lot. If in doubt try it! You won’t be disappointed ?

  • Why is it always suggested that the lemon juice be mixed with warm water? What’s wrong with cold water?

  • Hi. I drink lemon juice, but I add a bit of salt and cayenne pepper to flavor it. I don’t dilute it with water, but I do chase every sip with water. Is this ok to do or should I drink it with warm water instead? It’s hard for me to drink it with warm water. I don’t enjoy it as much lol. Any advise? Thanks in advance.

  • Santa Cruz organic 100% pure lemon juice, in the bottle, not from concentrate. The only ingredient is organic lemon juice. Nothing else added, non-GMO. Will this lemon juice work just as well as fresh squeezed lemon. Thank you and have a wonderful and blessed day.

  • I started taking this lemon water 2 days ago, and today i haven’t been out of the bathroom, i suppose it’s already started cleaning my system.

  • I’ve started taking warm lemon water with some fresh ginger in the mornings. Is this a good combination. I have notice a difference with energy levels and increased Immune system.

  • I have stopped drinking coffee as I would drink up to 15 cups a day. I switched to tea butI am not a lover of tea so I have started drinking hot lemon water instead of tea. I am having approximately 3 to 4 mugs of lemon water a day. Is this too much? I’m hoping that it will help with weight loss as well. I have also cut out sugar, bread, rice, pasta and potatoes.

  • Hi, If i drink a cup of warm water + lemon , how long I need to wait before having the morning tea/coffee.

  • Excellent and easy remedy for sustenance of good health. Every morning I take Lemon with warm water to taken sip by sip and realize the benefits mentioned by so many friends . 99% it suits every one but in exceptional case ineed to consult physician for analysis and then restart .

  • Is lemon water or limes effective in treatment of hepatitis B infection?

  • When you talk of lemon water, does that mean hot water with a slice of lemon in it or hot water with half a lemon squeezed into the hot water?

  • Hi Marlene. Not sure if my last comment made it. I was wondering the affect of adding braggs apple cider vinegar, which has been recommended to help with hot flashes and night sweats.


  • Will room temp water work just as good as warm water?

  • I have been taking lemon for a month and I can great change in terms of weight loss and joint pain

  • i have back acne. will lemon water help

  • I take nice fresh lemons I wash them and I freeze them then every morning I use my cheese grater small side to grate the lemon peels seeds and all then I put in a glass of hot water with a small pinch of Celtic sea salt the real goodies of the lemon are found in the skin and seeds and the benefits have been amazing for me.

  • Having a cold glass with lemon and pure honey during day timr – any advantages to that. Just refressing and hoped it will assist with weight loss.

  • A female that did surgery in stomach; due to Obstruction of the intestine eight months ago. Hope there is no harm in taking the Lemon warm water.

  • IT is great to have this healh information for all us pls lets use it properly!

  • Can I drink the lemon water with my thyroid & seizure medication?

  • I have found that lemon juice in water can be hard on tooth enamel and can cause tooth pain. I drink my lemon water with a straw and then rinse my mouth with warm water afterwards. It also works for me as a good diuretic and helps reduce water retention in legs, etc.

  • My thyroid has completly stopped working i drink lemon water stopped chocolate cake crisps pies etc lost just over 1stone cant seem to lose anymore anything else i can do to boost metabolism thanks

  • Thanks for the information. My question is that, how do someone prepare the warm lemon water.

  • I want to start drinking lemon in the morning but am not sure about the amount. What is the water to juice ratio?

  • Will it help any cancers by drinking it

  • I have been blending up a half a lemon skin and all is that ok

  • I took hot water lemon in the mourning for a month I reduced by 4 kilos
    I was very surprise on what could
    Have happened to my weight within a month. Adding original honey gives impressive results ..

  • This article was very interesting and helpful but I really want to know does lemon water help with dark spots

  • please does it have effect for a lady that has not given birth?


  • Is warm lemon water useful for hairs.

  • Hi, I am a pregnant lady. I usually drink lemon water as a first thing daily in the morning. Because of pregnancy I am having vomitings, then doctor told me to stop drinking lemon water Early in the morning, saying it causes acidity in the stomach and leads to vomitings. Is it true?

  • Hi, I usually take bulk water around 0.75 – 1 ltr daily in the morning. Can I add lemon and honey to that? Or should I take lemon water separately after that?

  • Since vitamin c is lost when it comes in contact with heat when I add warm water to the juice extracted from lemon will it loose the vitamin c ?

  • I have high calcium Levels is it save to eat lemon or drink with Luke warm water.

  • Thank you for all the information. Will be starting my lemon drink tomorrow morning.

  • Is it okay to drink lemon juice that is not 100% lemons ? Will it have the same effects ? Is it healthy to drink lemon juice with warm water in the evening before you go to sleep ?

  • I have an underactive thyroid problem. What affect would drinking warm lemon water do for it? Please…
    Let me know, as I do not want to go back on my medication fornthyroids

  • I like my 1 cup coffee first in the am and then my hot lemon water. Do I get the same benefits?

  • What if I slice the lemon into peices without peeling the back, and boil it for like 10-15 minutes will it still produce a positive result?

  • Hi Faith
    Once you boil food, fruit, vegetables, etc, you change the molecular structure and benefits. So boiling your lemon slices will definitely impact your results. If you like your morning drink to be hot, we recommend that you boil the water first and then add your lemon slices.

  • By starting your morning with a cup of coffee, you will have already increased your body’s level of acidity and dehydration. This will definitely impact the benefits compared to starting your day with lemon water.

  • Warm lemon water helps relieve morning sickness and is safe during pregnancy when taken in moderation. Excessive lemon intake could cause heartburn, dental problems, and, if on medication, could result in drug interactions. It is always best to check with your obstetrician.

  • Lemon water is very healthy but if taken in excess, lemon can cause dental problems, heartburn, and can conflict with medication.

  • Organic unpasteurized honey is healthy but it is still sugar. Sugar will never help one lose weight. Your best bet is to begin each day with warm lemon water, eating a healthy diet of good quality protein, fruit and vegetables, 8 – 10 glasses of water, limiting your grains, starches and sugar.

  • We highly recommend that you see your family physician to discover the source of your pain. Kidney stones and liver problems, if that indeed is your issue, can be very serious and should not be self-medicated.

  • The problem with this is that lemon can conflict with some medication so we recommend that you discuss this with your doctor and/or pharmacist before adding this to your daily regime.

  • Thanks Vicki. That is a great testimonial for others on our site. Thank you for sharing!

  • Drinking warm lemon water can be very beneficial but is not a cure for any disease or serious condition. We always recommend that you be under the care of a medical practitioner when dealing with such issues.

  • Drinking warm lemon water cannot take the place of prescribed medication. Changing your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, and adding exercise, meditation, etc will all benefit your body and well-being. The source of your thyroid imbalance needs to be addressed and monitored by a medical professional. The thyroid plays a major role in regulating many functions of the body and is a vital hormone gland.

  • Thanks Ashley. Great advice!

  • For the benefits suggested in this article, it is important to use real lemons and warm, clean water taken first thing in the morning before coffee, tea, or food. It can’t hurt to do this in the evening unless you are consuming an excess of lemons throughout the day.

  • From what we know, warm lemon water in the morning should not affect your calcium levels but it is best to check with your medical practitioner. Please note, lemons are a rich source of many vitamins and minerals including calcium.

  • Since you are not boiling the lemon in the water, it should not affect the vitamin c content, and if it does, that effect should be minimal.

  • Your best benefits are derived from having warm lemon water first thing in the morning. It is a great way of rehydrating after many hours of sleep. We would recommend that you start with the warm lemon water followed by your litre of bulk water as your body requires. Pushing too much water into your body at one time can negatively impact your kidneys and/or bladder. Honey is still sugar so may alter the benefits.

  • Lemon juice with hot water first thing in the morning helps in bowel movements

  • Hi Divya
    Everything I read tells me that warm lemon water is beneficial for morning sickness BUT we never advise anyone to defy doctor’s orders and, remember, we are each unique and react differently. Try having the warm lemon water mid morning, so not on an empty stomach. If it causes vomiting, then lemon water may not be for you at this time. Wishing you a very healthy baby!

  • Hi Geeta
    Warm lemon water can be good for your hair internally as well as externally.

  • Hi Debbie Particularly if you are using the skin, please make sure that you are using only organic lemons. Otherwise, as long as you aren’t boiling the lemons, go for it!

  • Drinking warm lemon water will help alkalize the body and cancer causes the body to be extremely acidic. Lemon water would be only a tiny piece of the puzzle of things that could improve your body’s terrain if cancer has been diagnosed. It would not be considered a “cure”.

  • No problem, Safaa!

  • Hi Sharon
    The first thing is to see your doctor. Are you hypothyroid? Your thyroid is only one factor that can stop you from losing weight. Once thyroid issues have been ruled out, you may wish to see a Registered Nutritional Consultant. Check out healthhouse.ca in Markham, ON

  • i drink warm lemon water every morning on an empty belly but i don’t see changes to my belly,am i doing it wrongly or is it that different people react differently to it?

  • Hi Hannat
    Drinking warm lemon water is a great way to improve your health. If your belly is due to a digestion issue, warm lemon water can help. On the other hand, if your belly comes from eating too much sugar, that may be a sign of Metabolic Syndrome.

  • Hi Stela
    Warm lemon water in the morning can be very helpful if you are experiencing morning sickness. Always check with your doctor first.

  • Hi Penelope
    It can help dark spots but it always depends on the cause of the symptoms. Warm lemon water will help to alkalize the body so if the dark spots are due to acidity, it can help.

  • Hi Julua
    We always recommend that you begin a new regime slowly. You could start with half of a lemon (even a quarter if you are very sensitive) and see how your body responds. You can then increase the amount of lemon you are adding according to taste and response.

  • Hi Alex
    Start by adding the juice of 1/2 a lemon to 1 cup of warm water.

  • Hi Jed
    It is always best that you take your medication with simply water. If your doctor approves, you could drink your lemon water an hour or two after taking your medication.

  • Hi Rita
    Unless your doctor says otherwise, there should be no harm in drinking warm lemon water.

  • Hi Andre
    A cold glass of water with lemon & honey (lemonaid) would be very refreshing throughout the day. As discussed in our article, drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning can have many health benefits including weight loss. Honey is sugar, although a healthier version if it is non-pasteurized and organic. Many versions of honey have no honey in them and are only sugar. Sugar is never beneficial for weight loss. We recommend simply lemon and warm water first thing in the morning.

  • Hi Mary
    It can help if your acne is due to acidity. If it is a response to food that you consume like chocolate or cheese or toxicity in the body, it may help but lifestyle changes should also be considered.

  • Hi Jenna
    Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is excellent. It can’t hurt to add it.

  • Hi Annelise
    We are referring to warm water (not hot water) with a half a lemon squeezed into it. Great question!

  • Hi Pressman
    Warm lemon water is an excellent way to improve your health but not a solution to any diagnosed infection or disease.

  • Hi Adithya
    I always wait at least an hour after my warm lemon water before drinking tea or coffee.

  • Hi Belinda
    Good for you!! Stopping 15 cups of coffee daily is an amazing feat. Lemon water is great but too much can irritate your teeth. Try rinsing with warm water after you have your 3rd or 4th mug. It sounds like you are on the right track towards losing weight and feeling better.

  • Hi Dave
    Adding ginger, even turmeric, is great, Ginger & turmeric are excellent anti-inflammatories. For some, starting slowly works better so simply drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning is a huge step towards good health.

  • Hi Kaycee
    That is great! Remember to stay well-hydrated. Drink lots of good quality water throughout the day.

  • Hi Travis
    The juice sounds great. We just aren’t certain that it has never been heated, causing it to lose nutrients. If you are drinking it with warm water and seeing results, that is great. I still prefer fresh, organic lemons and good quality water.

  • Hi Liz
    You have stumped me on this one. It doesn’t sound like anything that I would want to drink, especially first thing in the morning.

  • Hi Francis
    Warm water is easier on your stomach first thing in the morning. Cold water needs to be warmed in your tummy so causes the body to have to do some work. Some of us do not do well with cold drinks.

  • Hi Mir
    Are you seeing benefits from cold lemon water? Try warm water instead and see if you notice a difference. Warm water is easier on our stomachs first thing in the morning.

  • Hi Sara
    I hope that you are seeing benefits from your morning warm lemon water. Weight loss is never, fast. The pounds are slow to come on and slow to come off and require many lifestyle changes to be successful. Try the registered nutritionists at The Health House in Markham, ON

  • Hi Jenny
    Half a lemon is perfect. Squeezing the lemon the night before and keeping it in the fridge ready for the morning should not be a problem.

  • Hi Ann
    If you are using the skin, please make sure that the lemon is organic. I can’t see why freezing the lemon before using would be more beneficial than using a fresh whole organic lemon.

  • Hi Trini
    Try 1/2 of a fresh lemon squeezed into one cup of good quality warm water. Drink it after waking and enjoy!

  • Hi Gideon
    It will definitely help cleanse the urinary system but is not the solution for a bladder or urinary tract infection.

  • Hi Rita
    By squeezing lemon into warm water, you are diluting it. It definitely could have a positive effect on mouth odour.

  • Hi Carlos
    Squeeze one half of a fresh lemon into one 8 oz glass or cup of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning.

  • Hi Saika
    If you aren’t concerned about weight loss, you could add a small amount of non-pasteurized organic honey.

  • Hi Odibeze
    If you are referring to the skin, using lemon with the skin is great as long as the fresh lemon is organic.

  • Hi Chinmayi
    We suggest 1/2 of a fresh lemon squeezed into an 8 oz cup of warm water first thing in the morning. It is very good for digestion.

  • Hi Tracey
    Please check with your doctor. During a flareup, lemon might irritate.

  • can lemon treat heart burn and can it make one to stop snoring?

  • As you can see from the comments it does help with many issues. Try it and let us know what happens!

  • Hi Hannat, yes some people do react differently. The may be some other issues that need to be addressed.

  • I wouldn’t boil the lemon as you could destroy some of the Vitamin c. Just add some hot water to your cup with 1/3 cup of cool water.

  • Part of the benefit of lemon and water is to help get the acids out of the body. Drinking coffee is putting your body into a very acidic state. If you didn’t drink the coffee you would get more benefit from the lemon water.

  • Positive effects is what is reported!

  • No honey, you would be defeating the purpose of the lemon water and adding sugar to you diet which will not help with weight loss.

  • Lemon juice can be very helpful for both kidney stones and supporting the liver and digestion.

  • Hi Linda, I would suggest you ask the doctor that prescribed the medication.

  • That’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing our experience.

  • I think you find a lot of benefit by drinking lemon water.

  • It will help to make some positive changes to the entire body which could certainly help your skin and maybe eye pressure as well.

  • Lemon water will help to adjust the pH of the tissues which will help you body to absorb more nutrient that the thyroid needs.

  • Fantastic! Congratulations on the changes you have made!!

  • Hi Michelle, I would only use a fresh squeezed real lemon not a juice mixture. Yes you can drink lemon water before bed.

  • Great, let us know your results!

  • Yes, in fact it will help to prevent you from getting calcium stones.

  • Yes, that would be a good way to break the fast.

  • Hi Sharon, exercise will boost your metabolism.

  • 8 ounces of warm or cool water and half of a fresh squeezed lemon.

  • Squeeze half of a fresh lemon in 8 ounces of warm or cool water and drink. You can purchase a lemon squeezer at a kitchen shop or even the grocery store.

  • Squeeze half a fresh lemon into 8 ounces of cool, warm or hot water. Enjoy!

  • Is it more preferable to use ripe lemon or unripe lemon, can it be used to lose belly fat after delivery and can it be taken when taking antibiotics?

  • hi Marlene. I’m 30years old I’m weighing 94kg. what should I do to loose weight at least up to 75kg?

  • Hi Vestine
    In order to lose weight, each of us needs to look at more than just the calories we consume. We need to change our diet, our lifestyle, become more active, remove some of the things that cause us stress, make sure we are getting enough sleep, etc. A check-up with your doctor to make sure that you have no health challenges and a visit to a certified practitioner that can take your history and guide you on how to much the right changes would be a great place to start. Check out healthhouse.ca to work with a Registered Nutritional Consultant.

  • Hi Prisci
    Fruit is always best after it ripens. Check with your doctor first to make sure lemon is not contraindicated with your particular antibiotics. Always preferable to take probiotics during and after antibiotics. Warm lemon water is a great place to begin. Cutting sugar from your diet is important to lose belly fat.

  • Hi Keykey
    Yes, room temperature will work just as well!

  • Hi Shuvo:
    Warm lemon water on an empty stomach can minimize the formation of kidney stones, help eliminate small stones, and minimize belly fat.

  • Hi Nicolene
    I am not sure about your reference to “lemon juice”. If your skin feels like it is burning when drinking the warm lemon water or consuming lemons, you may be allergic to lemons. In that case, you shouldn’t eat or drink lemons. It is always good to check with your physician.

  • Hi Charlie
    Room temperature is fine.

  • Hi Melinda
    It can be tap water but I always prefer to use purified or reverse osmosis water.

  • Hi Eugene
    You can definitely add mint but please remember that honey is still sugar. At night before bed is fine.

  • Hi David
    Lemon water can help alkalize the body. If the body is acidic, it will leach calcium from the bones to alkalize it. The excess calcium can create kidney stones as it moves out of the body. When the stones are small, lemon water and water, in general, are important to help flush them out of the body.

  • Any water will work but it is always preferable to use clean, healthy water.

  • Hi Maryamawit
    Yes, drinking it in the evening before bed can be beneficial as well.

  • Hi Fritz
    1/2 a lemon with 1 8 oz glass of water

  • Hi Pamela
    Instead of lemon juice, it is much better to use 1/2 of a fresh lemon in a 8 oz glass of warm water.

  • Hi Karen
    Thanks for sharing. It sounds like your lemon water is helping you clear out excess mucous first thing in the morning.

  • Hi Leona
    1/2 fresh lemon squeezed into 8 oz of warm water first thing in the morning.

  • Hi Maryjane
    Losing weight always involves making changes – in diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress levels, etc. When you make healthier choices, you are more likely to feel better, have more energy, and begin to normalize your weight.

  • Hi Dorothy
    Drinking warm lemon water in the morning can be helpful in many ways. For a specific health issue, it is always best to see your doctor.

  • Hi Rahi
    Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning is not a recipe for losing weight but has many healthy benefits for everyone whether their weight is too high or too low.

  • Hi Simrankaur
    Warm lemon water first thing in the morning can be beneficial for most of us and is not a recipe for weight loss. It can help normalize weight as one of its very many benefits.

  • Hi Jermaine
    It helps alkalize the body so could help improve your skin. If you are concerned, try starting with a 1/4 of a fresh lemon, or less, in an 8 oz glass of warm water.

  • Hi Elizabeth
    Lemon water is not a “cure” for any disease or condition but is one way to begin making healthy changes that can improve your state of health.

  • Hi Dina
    Honey is still a sugar so it is always best to drink the warm lemon water without sweetener. If you do add 1 tsp of honey, make sure it is unpasteurized, raw, organic honey. Otherwise it may contain no honey, just sugar. Thanks for sharing your success.

  • Hi Laurie
    1/2 fresh lemon in 8 oz warm water is best.

  • Hi
    It is best to use fresh lemon. Bottled juices are heated so lose many of their ingredients’ nutrients.

  • Hi Edgardo
    Lemon is acidic outside of the body with a PH of about 2. Once it is digested, it becomes alkalizing. Check it out. Test your urine with PH strips before drinking lemon water. After you start drinking lemon water every morning, start testing your urine.

  • Hi Ariana
    Not all Essential Oils are certified as safe taken internally. To be safe, it is preferable to use a fresh lemon.

  • I’ve been drinking lemon water first thing each morning for about 2yrs. Just one slice in hot water which I add a squeeze of honey. I have lost about 10lbs without dieting. It also helps my Crohns symptoms. I then rinse with water so as not to harm my teeth with the acidity from the lemon. I swear by it.

  • Hi Nicole
    Try drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning and see how you feel. Once you feel better, you may have more incentive to quit smoking.

  • Hi Uche
    It can’t hurt. Try it and see if you find that changes are happening.

  • Hi Dharmendra
    It is always best to do a natural drink or supplement away from a pharmaceutical medication by at least an hour. If you don’t need to take your thyroid medication first thing, you may want to start with the warm lemon water, wait 15-30 minutes and then have your cold water followed by your medication in about 30 minutes, as directed by your physician.

  • Hi Moire
    We are recommending warm lemon water as a drink and not to be applied directly onto the skin. By changing the PH of the body, you may find an improvement in your skin. We are each unique so respond differently.

  • For most, one glass of warm lemon water in the morning with nothing added is all that they need to see favorable changes. You can drink it more often throughout the day as long as it doesn’t irritate your teeth or your stomach.

  • Hi Ann
    Try it and see what benefits you achieve. It doesn’t work the same way for everyone.

  • I have learned a lot about hot lemon water. Thanks for your time Marlene. Hope this will help me too.

  • You are welcome! As you can see many people have had good results with lemon water.

  • Wow, that’s great! Thank you for sharing your experience!!

  • Yes, the lemon water will not cause you to lose weight if you do not need to.

  • Hi Anupaddu
    It is always worth trying. Please let us know how you do!

  • Hi Heidi
    If you wish to continue drinking your 1-2 cups of coffee per day, wait at least an hour after your lemon water. Lemon water will help to alkalize your body while coffee will acidify it. Coffee may have a negative effect on some of its benefits.

  • Hi Kellie
    Luke water is fine. Cold water is hard on your digestive system.

  • Hi Jazz
    That is an interesting way to do this. I would think that if you can consume 2 lemons undiluted, you would be fine with warm lemon water which should be much less acidic to the stomach. Thanks for letting us know about the benefits that you have seen.

  • Hi Raina
    As long as your doctor does not disapprove, try it and please let us know how you do!

  • Hi Hanie
    Many of our readers have commented that it has helped them reduce belly fat. We all respond differently but give it a try and please let us know your results.

  • Hi Jibran
    Warm lemon water, as you describe it, may be very beneficial. My question to you, though, is where is your protein? Protein is an essential part of any diet. If you have difficulty adding protein into your diet, you might want to try a consultation with a registered nutritionist The Health House in Markham, ON

  • Good for you Ronda. Please let us know!!

  • Hi Kimberly
    Have you or your dental professional noticed any dental enamel breakdown? If not, and you are simply concerned, you can rinse your mouth with plain water after each cup of lemon water. You could also cut back to lemon water once or twice a day.

  • Hi Ress
    Lemon water will not cause you to lose weight if you do not need to lose weight. Enjoy!!

  • Hi Lance
    It sounds like warm lemon water first thing in the morning could be very helpful to you. Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Please check with your doctor about your swollen ankles if you do not see improvement.

  • Hi Ayobami
    My first question is whether you have been checked by your doctor for constant chest pain. If you are cleared, then you might try warm lemon water and see if you find an improvement.

  • Hi Carolyn
    Have you seen your doctor about your hernia? Your doctor’s recommendations always come first. Once your hernia is taken care of, lemon water can be very helpful in losing weight.

  • Hi Lourembam
    Warm lemon water may be very helpful to people with kidney stones and may help preventing future stones.

  • Hi Rani
    Are you being treated medically for the stomach ulcer? Did your doctor give you a list of foods that you should avoid? If lemons are not on that list and if you want to try having warm lemon water, try starting with just a squeeze of lemon in 8 oz glass of water. If it doesn’t irritate your stomach ulcer, and you see improvements, you can slowly increase the amount of lemon that you use.

  • Hi Marlys
    Bottled juices have to be sterilized so they are boiled in hot water. This causes a loss of nutrients which would change the benefits that you would achieve.

  • Hi Patti
    Lukewarm or warm water are preferred. 1/2 a squeezed lemon into 8 oz of water.

  • Hi Shaz
    We suggest that you take your warm lemon water at least an hour away from medication. If your Synthroid has to be taken first, then wait an hour and drink your warm lemon water.

  • Hi Prasad
    Not a problem but you can try having a glass of plain water immediately after your lemon water. Perhaps the lemon water is helping your body to let you know that you are dehydrated.

  • Hi Vineeth
    Whatever time you wake up, and stay up, is the best time to have your warm lemon water.

  • Hi Tariq
    If you have a blood pressure monitor at home, try taking your BP before and after taking the warm lemon water. Try doing this for a few days and see if your blood pressure goes down or up afterwards. If it goes up each time, stop the lemon water. Otherwise, give it a few weeks and see how you do.

  • Good question Deb. Bottled juice and the juice in the plastic lemon must be sterilized before it can be sold. This requires boiling and that will reduce the nutritional, in particular, the vitamin c content of the lemon water.

  • Warm lemon water has many benefits including changing the PH of the body. PH levels can be a problem in infertility. Try it and see what results you achieve. Please let us know.

  • Hi Christy
    Splenda is high in fructose which we would never recommend. If you need to sweeten the warm lemon water, a little honey would definitely be a better choice.

  • Hi Tangelee
    If you do not need to lose weight, lemon water will not cause you to do so. Give it a try!

  • Hi Mandy
    Try having the warm lemon water every morning and see what happens!

  • Hi Sudha
    Those are great results. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Hi Ullika
    This is a new one for us. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi MJ
    Yes it can be frozen without losing its benefits. Before using the lemon cubes, let them thaw and warm first.

  • Hi Kevin
    We are all so different that this is a difficult question to answer. You will only know by experimenting with both. You may wish to alternate the days or drink them an hour apart every morning or even add Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and the Wildflower honey to your warm lemon water.

  • Hi Mike
    Yes, unless it irritates your stomach or your teeth.

  • Hi Mariela
    Our suggestion is for using lemon water first thing in the morning. 1/2 lemon with 8 oz of warm water. If you don’t like lemons and want to substitute limes, give it a try and see what happens.

  • Hi Cleo
    Half a lemon in 8 oz of warm water. Enjoy!

  • Hi Gowri
    Yes, you can drink it at night after dinner. It is best on an empty stomach, particularly first thing in the morning.

  • Hi Octavia
    Yes, room temperature water is fine.

  • Hi Samantha
    You can drink it throughout the day unless the lemons irritate your teeth or your stomach.

  • Hi Ruth
    We recommend lemon water but you can definitely try lime water and see how it goes.

  • Thanks for sharing James.

  • Hi Glenda
    Try and see how it goes.

  • Hi Frederick
    Lemon juice in bottles or cartons are sterilized in boiling water so nutrients are lost. We prefer 1/2 fresh lemon in 8 oz of (ordinary) water.

  • Hi Denise
    Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? I could possibly see too many lemons causing irritation but unlikely to cause an infection. Check with your doctor.

  • Hi Yolanda
    Benefits are different for everyone. Try having warm lemon water daily and check your blood pressure. Please let us know.

  • Hi James
    Warm or room temperature water are preferred. Cold water has to be warmed by the stomach so can be hard on your digestion.

  • Hi Sara
    Lemon water can be helpful to prevent kidney stones. We are not sure if it can help with CKD. Drinking water is important. You can try adding lemon.

  • Hi Favour
    Boiling lemon will remove some of the nutrients. We suggest adding 1/2 fresh lemon to 8 oz of warm or room temperature water.

  • Hi Fateh
    Fresh lemon in room temperature water first thing in the morning is fine.

  • Hi Zoi
    Room temperature water is fine.

  • Hi Chris
    We can’t recommend warm lemon water to cure any disease but you can definitely try and see what benefits you feel.

  • Hi Kay
    Warm lemon water is great for the immune system. It can have some pretty amazing benefits. With a fatty liver, it all depends on the cause and usually demands more lifestyle and diet changes as well. Working with a registered nutritional consultant is a great way to begin changing your health. Check out the nutritionists at The Health House in Markham, ON

  • Hi Yolanda
    Warm lemon water is great for the immune system and wouldn’t be contraindicated with chemotherapy. A healthy immune system is important in fighting all cancers. Best of luck with your treatment & recovery!

  • Hi Gary
    1/2 lemon and 8 oz of warm water

  • Hi Ajay
    Warm lemon water is great for the immune system. With a cold, you also may want to try adding ginger. Definitely while you have the cold to help the immune system do its job.

  • Hi Williams
    Warm lemon water is great for the immune system and as long as you are not allergic to lemons, helpful with allergies. You will only know it affects you by drinking it every morning on an empty stomach.

  • Hi Noeline
    Lemonade is generally cold and has sugar in it and could even come from a mix or a bottle. That would not do the same job. We are recommending 1/2 fresh lemon in warm or room temperature water on an empty stomach.

  • Hi Parvati
    We never tell you not to take prescribed medication. Please let us know how you did with the lemon water.

  • Hi Tim
    We haven’t heard of any negative effects unless someone finds that the lemons irritate their stomach or teeth. If you don’t need to lose weight, drinking lemon water will not cause weight loss.

  • Thanks for sharing Mark. You must be thrilled with your results! Keep it up!!!

  • Hi Raju
    Fresh lemon in warm or room temperature water can improve many areas of your health. Cold water is hard on the digestive system. Warm lemon water can be very beneficial for the liver.

  • Thanks Karen. I am happy that you are benefitting from our articles and the comments from our readers. Pharmaceutical laxatives can be very harsh on the colon and are usually recommended to be taken for a short time. Some herbal products cause the colon to turn a very dark colour which is not harmful but can make diagnosis difficult when having a colonoscopy or xray.

  • Hi Celeste
    Yes, you can drink this throughout the day unless too much lemon irritates your stomach or your teeth. You may wish to rinse your mouth with plain water after each cup.

  • Hi Samah
    You will only know by giving it a try. Please begin with about 1/4 of a fresh lemon in warm water, sipping it slowly on an empty stomach. If you have no irritation, you can then increase to 1/2 of a fresh lemon and enjoy!

  • Hi Debbie
    The problem with real lemon is that it contains preservatives. The body does not recognize chemicals or preservatives as healing.

  • Lemon by itself can be irritating to the stomach and your teeth. By squeezing 1/2 a fresh lemon into 8 oz of warm water, this can be prevented.

  • Hi Akash
    It isn’t lemon juice but fresh lemon in warm water. It can definitely help your digestive system, including acidity and gas.

  • Hi Jean
    It depends on which make of essential oil and whether it is safe to be taken internally. You may wish to contact the company for the answer to this question.

  • Hi Joshua
    Thanks so much for sharing all of your information with our readers. Much appreciated!

  • Hi Inara
    Green tea does have caffeine so may interfere with sleep. Honey is still sugar so if you are trying to lose weight, it is best to have your warm lemon water with no honey.

  • Lemon juice may have preservatives and also may be boiled causing it to lose nutrients. There is nothing like fresh lemons.

  • Thanks for sharing, Andrea. Very encouraging for our sceptics!

  • Hi Boni
    No guarantees. Only by trying will you know if you achieve the benefits that you these benefits. It may take persistence and patience.

  • Hi Sarah,
    Fresh lemons please! You do not want to ingest the preservatives in bottled lemon juice or lose the nutrients due to the heating process.

  • Hi Nithya
    Warm lemon water will not cause weight loss if you have no weight to lose. Enjoy!

  • Hi Rebecca
    Warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning can help with belly fat reduction but the most effective way to lose it is to cut sugar from your diet. The two together can bring incredible results!

  • Hi Janice
    Our recipe calls for 1/2 a fresh lemon in 8 oz of warm water (not 18 oz unless you want to dilute it to prevent stomach or teeth irritation).

  • Hi Chris
    1/2 fresh lemon to 8 oz warm water. Whenever juicing, the recommendation is always to drink it right away or refrigerate it and have the other half the following day. The longer it sits in the fridge, the fewer nutrients that remain.

  • Hi Deepu
    As we have heard from many of our readers, it can help you reduce your weight. Remember, changing your diet, lifestyle, exercise, and stress levels are also great important to help you lose weight.

  • Hi Donna
    It is always best to take medication by itself, either an hour before or after your lemon water.

  • Thanks Gene. Our recommendation is 1/2 fresh lemon to 8 oz of warm water.

  • Hi Becky
    You can try it but start slowly with a small piece of lemon in 8 oz or more of warm water. If you experience zero irritation, then you can slowly increase the size of the lemon until you are having 1/2 lemon with 8 oz or more of warm water. If you do experience irritation, than you may not be ready for lemon water at this time.

  • Hi Irene
    Have your lemon water at least 20 minutes before breakfast. You notice that I said lemon water, not lemon juice. So, yes, 1/2 fresh lemon in 8 oz of warm water.

  • Hi Kudakwashe
    Give it a try. It takes time and patience to sometimes achieve the specific benefits that you desire. You will only know by doing it.

  • Hi Antony
    1/2 fresh lemon to 8 oz of warm water

  • Warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning can help reduce weight and belly fat but cutting sugar (and bread) out of your diet will help speed up the process.

  • Hi Mamta
    You may want to begin by having them at least 20 minutes apart. Once you know how the warm lemon water makes you feel, you may wish to try to have them together.

  • Hi Enbee
    It is best to wait at least an hour after the warm lemon water.

  • Hi Lyka
    Our recommendation is 1/2 fresh lemon to 8 oz warm water (not boiling water). Unless your lemons are particularly large, you may want to start having more than 1/7 of a lemon daily.

  • Hi Bhim
    1/2 fresh lemon (not lemon juice) in 8 oz warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. Lemons have slightly more Vitamin C than Limes – nutritionally they are a bit different. There is no problem combining the two and seeing how you feel.

  • Hi Ebehiagorua
    Usually hyperthyroidism causes weight loss and hypothyroidism results in difficulty losing weight. Warm lemon water (not lemon juice) should help you in either case.

  • Hi Sandii
    I would think that the amount of liquids would be restricted. Warm lemon water could be very helpful but just be sure that the amount of fluid going into the body doesn’t exceed the amount of fluid passing out of the body.

  • Great article. Thanks

  • Hi Teekay
    With pharmaceutical prescriptions, the word “cure” is used. With natural remedies, we give the body the nutrients or tools that it needs, clean things up in the environment, and the body removes the symptoms that it uses to tell us that something is wrong. Drinking warm lemon water will improve the body’s health. Only by drinking it daily will you really know what changes will happen.

  • Hi Glenda
    I would think that it would help unless the acidity in the lemon irritates whatever is causing your dry mouth. Try it and please let us know.

  • Hi Tina
    Drinking warm lemon water by itself cannot reverse an autoimmune condition. An autoimmune condition is the body attacking itself. This always involves a toxic terrain – as if your house is really clean but the basem*nt is full of garbage. Eventually, it will affect the entire house. There many changes that you need to make to work on trying to reverse any autoimmune condition. It would be wise for you to work with a Registered Nutritional Consultant. Check out our nutritionists at: The Health House in Markham, ON Consultation in person or on line.

  • Hi Niba
    That sounds fine to me.

  • Hi Leonard
    That should be fine.

  • Hi David
    I am not sure what you mean by lemon tea. What we are recommending is 1/2 of a fresh lemon squeezed into warm water. Warm or room temperature water is preferred.

  • Hi Michael
    Cold water is hard on the digestive system – it can shut it down. Warm or room temperature water is much better.

  • Hi Anik
    Cold water is too hard on the digestive system. Drinking it after dinner can slow down or impact the digestion of the food that you recently eat and for most people, it is the biggest meal of the day. Always use warm or room temperature water. If you can only drink the warm lemon water in the evening, try and see how it goes but only on an empty stomach so at least 60 to 90 minutes after dinner.

  • Hi Dee
    Not lemon juice but 1/2 of a fresh lemon squeezed into 8 oz of warm water.

  • Hi Judy
    Real Lemon juice has preservatives so will not have the same effect. We are trying to clean up the toxicity in the body.

  • Hi Linda
    Stevia is fine. Honey is ok as long as you are not trying to lose weight.

  • Hi Jay
    Lemons can be hard on the teeth and gums. That is one of the reasons that we recommend it diluted in warm water. You can also rinse your mouth with plain water after the drink. If you would like to start once a week, see how it goes. If it isn’t irritating to your games you can slowly increase how often you drink it.

  • Hi Lori
    Cold or ice water shuts down your digestive system. Can you tolerate room temperature water?

  • Hi Teekay
    Lemon juice is higher in Vitamin C than lime juice but lime juice has many nutritional benefits as well. If you don’t like lemon juice, try lime and see how it goes. The benefits may not be the same but it is still a good thing to do for your health.

  • Hi Subair
    As long as the water isn’t cold when you drink it, that would be fine.

  • Hi Subair
    Yes, you can mix hot and cold water as long as it is warm or room temperature when it reaches your stomach. It can help with belly fat. If you belly fat keeps increasing, you may be consuming too much sugar or bread or starch. Cutting out these things can also make a big difference.

  • Hi Stella
    Warm lemon water should be fine. You can test your blood before and after to be sure.

  • Hi Joe
    Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, natural remedies will not cure or claim to cure any disease. It does, however, help detoxify and de-acidify the body helping the body to begin to heal itself.

  • Hi Claudia
    It can only add to the benefits. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Paul
    Warm lemon water can improve the functioning of your entire digestive system. Make sure that it doesn’t irritate the hemorrhoids. It shouldn’t but we are all unique.

  • Hi Idrees
    Drinking warm lemon water can be very beneficial to helping the body heal itself. If you need more help, you may want to consult with a Registered Nutritionist. Try contacting
    The Health House, Markham, ON

  • Hi Bhaskar
    If you are allergic to lemons you should not eat or drink anything with lemons. Are you also allergic to limes? If not, you can try warm lime water – 1/2 lime to 8 oz of warm water.
    If the lemons irritate your stomach, that usually isn’t a true allergy. You may want to start with only 1/4 or 1/8 of a lemon with the 8 or more oz of warm water. Warm or room temperature water is fine just not cold or ice water.

  • Hi Timmy
    Not that we know but check with your doctor.

  • Hi Artemio
    Yes, it would be very beneficial. Not lemon juice but 1/2 a fresh lemon in 8 oz of warm water on an empty stomach.

  • Thanks Esther. We really appreciate you sharing your success.

  • Hi Carrie
    1/2 a fresh lemon to 8 oz warm water. Good luck!

  • Hi Alisha
    Cold or ice water shuts down your digestion so the benefits would not be the same.

  • Hi Madu
    It is important not to drink it cold – it will shut down your digestion. Boiling the lemon will also destroy some of its nutrient content. The longer the drink sits in the fridge, the fewer vitamins. So, the benefits will not be the same.

  • Hi Noy
    It is important to check with your doctor to see exactly what is going on. You may have a rheumatic or arthritic condition. Regardless of the condition, drinking warm lemon water every morning on an empty stomach can be very helpful. Also, gentle movement daily; like walking, swimming, tai chi or qicong or feldenkrais can be extremely helpful.

  • Hi Amit
    Please check with your dentist to make sure that lemons won’t be too acidic during your treatment. The recommended recipe is 1/2 fresh lemon squeezed into 8 oz of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach.

  • Hi Artemio
    Yes it could be very helpful.

  • Hi Eugenia
    Please remember, it is lemon water, not lemon juice. Sea salt is very healthy. You can try it and see how it helps.

  • Hi Rita
    Warm lemon water can be very helpful in gently removing toxicity from the body allowing the body to heal itself. You may notice increased elimination which is a good thing unless it is something like explosive diarrhea. Generally, there should be no negative side effects.

  • Hi Paul
    We recommend 1/2 fresh lemon in 8 oz of warm (not hot) water. Raw honey (unless you are trying to lose weight) and cinnamon would make an excellent addition. Apple Cider Vinegar is terrific too. My only warning would be not to make this drink too acidic or it could have adverse effects on your stomach or teeth.

  • Hi Bindeeba
    I believe that you are referring to high blood pressure. Warm lemon water can be very helpful. Something that you are eating daily can be complicit in this issue. If you are dizzy and falling down, especially first thing in the morning, please see your doctor and find out if the two are related or what else could be going on.

  • Hi Stella
    Warm lemon water and ginger could be very effective. Ginger and turmeric are great additions when there is inflammation in the body. Lemons are alkalizing to the body so also a benefit to those with arthritis.

  • Hi Aditya
    Usually salt would be added if you have problems hydrating. In that case, good quality grey celtic sea salt can be very helpful.

  • Hi Eddy
    Sounds perfect to me.

  • Hi Chiboss
    1/2 lemon with 8 oz warm water

  • Hi Chinedu
    Lemon alone can be too acidic for your teeth or stomach if just squeezed without diluting it with warm water.

  • Hi Alexa
    Try it and see.

  • Hi
    A few days of warm lemon water should not have made that kind of difference. Actually, it should have been cleansing. You can rarely tell what is going on after just one cycle.

  • Hi Philip
    It may be helpful for you to see a registered nutritional consultant to help guide you with respect to changes in diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress etc. Try contacting The Health House, Markham, ON

  • Hi Swuppa
    Warm lemon water every morning will not result in weight loss for those that do not need to lose weight. Enjoy your drink!

  • Hi Rosalinda
    Lemon juice in bottles and RealLemon do have preservatives which you wouldn’t use when trying to cleanse your body. The best results will always be from 1/2 of a freshly squeezed lemon in warm water.

  • Hi John
    Yes. Warm lemon water is very cleansing for the liver.

  • Warm lemon water will not cause weight loss if you do not need to lose weight. If you are concerned, you may also add organic unpasteurized honey.

  • Hi Jamie
    It all depends if the essential oils brand that you are using is guaranteed to be safe taken internally. I have tried it but there is nothing like 1/2 a fresh lemon. It even tastes better.

  • Hi Ishwar
    Warm lemon water, not lemon juice, on an empty stomach first thing in the morning can be very cleansing for the liver. The second part of your question is more difficult to answer. I am not sure if you are talking about after a drink the previous evening or alcoholism.

  • Hi Enoch
    No, it wouldn’t Black tea is full of caffeine which is not healthy and many brands have other additives as well.

  • Hi Rahma
    Warm lemon water, not lemon juice, is not a cure for any disease. It is a great way to help the body cleanse and move towards healing in a gentle and safe manner.

  • Hi Kya
    Although lemon is considered to be an acidic fruit, it is alkalizing to the body when taken internally. Generally, protein and carbs are acidic to the body. Vegetables and fruit (and minerals) are alkalizing. The question is why are you alkaline? Generally a desirable urine PH is 6.8 to 7.2. If your PH is higher, you should check with your healthcare provider to see what is going on.

  • Hi Katherine
    1/2 fresh lemon squeezed into warm or room temperature water (not hot). How quickly it takes effect depends on your body. Fast is not always best. Gentle and effective are preferred.
    Drink and enjoy!

  • Hi Dorcas
    Yes! It should be fine with both.

  • Hi Solly
    That all depends on your diet, lifestyle, exercise, and stress levels. Warm lemon water will definitely help but does not work alone if we continue old habits.

  • We grate lemon rind, squeeze the juicy flesh in a teapot full of water, let it soak overnight & drink it as the first thing in the morning with a little warm water. Does this meet the minimum Vitamin C intake requirement per day?

  • Lemon water is it good before or after brushing the mouth with toothpaste

  • Hi, I have been taking lemon in the morning for a year now, my face seems to be smoother, could this be effects of the lemon?

  • Hi Anthony
    Yes, it could be!

  • Hi Olayinka
    Either way would be fine.

  • Hi Arijit
    Sounds good. The minimum RDA requirement is only 60 mg but that is not nearly enough. !/2 lemon daily would not be sufficient for all of your vitamin C requirements but is a great start.

  • Hi Kanak
    Anything that you do to benefit your health will be helpful. Warm lemon water every morning will definitely improve your health in many ways.

  • Hi
    Wait at least 15 minutes. Everyone’s results are different but you should notice some changes within the first few weeks.

  • Hi Limib
    Yes it does. Cutting sugar out of your diet will also make a big difference in the reduction of belly fat.

  • Hi Shelley
    The best benefits are achieved on an empty stomach although having it after breakfast will help you digest your meal.

  • Hi Debbie
    That would be a question best answered by your Pharmacist.

  • Hi Ameenah
    Once we squeeze the juice from the fruit and let it sit longer than a day or two, the benefits are less because nutrients are lost.
    Limes are excellent too but they are lower in Vitamin C content and the nutrients are not the same.

  • Hi Onyeka
    Ginger is also an excellent addition – for digestion and inflammation.

  • Hi Neetha
    Lemon by itself can be very acidic to the teeth and stomach. It is much safer to dilute it in water.

  • Hi Chel
    It is always best to take medications by themselves. If you can wait 15-20 minutes, have your drink first otherwise have the medications and wait 15-20 minutes before having your drink. As you see changes, you can discuss lowering your medication a little bit at a time with your doctor’s help and advice.

  • Hi Rita
    The most accurate test for h pylori is a breath test at a lab.

  • Hi May
    Lemons are higher in vitamin C than limes and the nutrition content differs as well. Limes are also very healthy so would be beneficial if you prefer limes to lemons.

  • Hi Joel
    1/2 fresh lemon in 8 oz warm water on an empty stomach at least 15-20 minutes before food.

  • Hi Rey
    Cold water shuts down digestion which is why we recommend warm or room temperature water.

  • Hi Raje
    Warm lemon water will not cause weight loss unless you need to lose weight. It is excellent to improve digestion. You may be underweight because you are not digesting, absorbing, or assimilating your food and nutrients.

  • Hi Oluwaseyi
    The longer it sits after cutting the lemon open, the fewer the vitamins so the benefits diminish as well.

  • Hi Elaine
    1/2 fresh lemon squeezed into 8 oz of warm water.

  • Hi Elaine
    Reconstituted lemon juice has preservatives and loses vitamins when it is sterilized. The benefits would definitely not be the same.

  • Hi Godwin
    Lemons, once digested, are alkalizing to the body but when first consumed are acidic so can be very irritating to the teeth and stomach, particularly if you have an ulcer. Heal the ulcer first. After that, you can try a small amount of fresh lemon diluted in a large glass of water and see if it is irritating.

  • Hi Patti
    Yes, you absolutely can!

  • Hi Aidee
    Adding ginger to your warm lemon water is not a problem. Ginger is great for the digestion and for inflammation. Adding cucumber would also not be a problem. Drinking water all day long is great. BUT, the problem arises if that is all that you are consuming. Your body needs protein. This type of weight loss is water and muscle loss. If you lose muscle, when you start to eat food again, your metabolism will be slower and you will regain the weight but what you regain will be fat, not muscle. That is one of the main reasons why we tend to get heavier with every diet that we try. There are no quick fixes. Eating a healthy diet including good quality protein, veggies, and fruit, cutting out sugar and starch, no fast foods, no late night snacking, exercise, drinking water…. still the best way to shed those pounds.

  • Hi Nzekwe
    Unfortunately, lemons alone will not cure serious infections which should not be left untreated. Once the infections are gone, they can, however, help to prevent future ones.

  • Hi Rajan
    Unless specified, lemon water should not be contraindicated but I wouldn’t take it at the same time as your medication. Warm lemon water, diet and lifestyle changes, all contribute to Cancer and disease prevention.

  • Hi Twahera
    If you must, please take your medication first and then wait at least 20 minutes to an hour before having your warm lemon water. Or, if you do not need to take your medication as soon as you wake up, you could have your warm lemon water and wait at least 15 to 20 minutes before the medication.nThe reason I suggest waiting longer if you take your medication first is because sometimes enzymes from certain foods can conflict with absorption or efficacy of some pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Hi Shiva
    I need a little more information. I get digestive problem which could definitely be helped by drinking warm lemon water but am not sure what you mean by Mng Flush.

  • Hi Rahmah
    Yes, of course, unless it irritates her teeth or stomach. To begin, try giving her 1/8 or 1/4 of a fresh lemon squeezed into 1/2 glass of warm or room temperature water and see if she likes it.

  • Hi Yuber
    Not necessarily. You can squeeze a small whole lemon into one glass of warm, not hot, water unless it irritates your teeth or stomach.

  • Hi
    If you are waiting 20 minutes, the lime won’t affect what you are drinking afterwards. I suggest that you stop the hot milk because dairy creates mucus in the body and is not well tolerated by most adults. Interestingly, we are the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal after two years of age.

  • Hi Tina
    It is important to stay away from food and drink that irritate Crohn’s. Ginger can be very healing during a flareup so you can substitute ginger, if lemon is irritating. You could try a small amount of lemon squeezed into a large cup of warm water and see if it is irritating. If not, go ahead and have your lemon water with or without ginger. Lemon juice, on the other hand, can be very aggravating at this time due to the additives and sugars.

  • Hi Heidi
    Thanks for sharing. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery.

  • Hi Gale
    The only way to know how you will respond is to try small amounts and see how you feel. If you are ok with apple cider vinegar, you should also be fine with warm lemon water. Please remember to only use a fresh lemon, not a bottled juice. Warm water is much gentler to the digestive system than hot water.

  • Hi Suz
    Try the lemon water first and see if you see benefits on your skin.

  • Hi Cyril
    The magnesium in the lemon can be very beneficial to balance blood pressure.

  • Hi Lucy
    The high quantity of vitamin C in the lemon can be very helpful in reducing the symptoms or shortening the length of a cold.

  • Hi Abdedamola
    Warm lemon water will help with weight loss but it is not a crash diet.

  • Hi Joe
    1/2 freshly squeezed lemon in 1 cup of warm water.

  • Hi Nish*tha
    Lemon concentrate will always have preservatives/chemicals in it so is not going to make you healthier. We only recommend using fresh lemons.

  • Hi Daniel
    Bad breath often comes from undigested food in the stomach. Warm lemon water is great to help with your digestion.

  • Hi Joy
    Drinking warm lemon water will help with weight loss but it is important to also add changes to your diet, lifestyle, exercise routine, and stress levels. It is impossible to change everything at once. Warm lemon water every morning is a great way to start and slowly add changes that will support your desire to lose weight. You may need the help of a nutritional professional. Try contacting us at
    The Health House, Markham, ON

  • Hi Mary
    No, please. Splenda is high in fructose which can actually cause weight gain. The only sweetener we would recommend would be unpasteurized honey and that only if you do not wish to lose weight.

  • Hi Pankaj
    One glass every morning on an empty stomach.

  • Hi Mavie
    It should be a great way to start your day and not interfere with your treatment. Wishing you health!

  • Hi Pankaj
    Warm lemon water on an empty stomach every morning can be very helpful to reduce belly fat. Also cutting out sugar from your diet would make a huge difference.

  • Hi Mohammad
    I am not sure if you are just taking lemon juice or actually drinking warm lemon water using 1/2 a fresh lemon squeezed into warm water.
    Adding ginger or garlic, if this is your preference, should be fine.

  • Hi Dev
    1/2 fresh lemon to 1 cup of warm water. Adding some raw, unpasteurized honey is fine unless you are trying to lose weight. Our only requirement is that you have it before food by at least 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Is it ok to eat a Grapefruit straight after drinking warm Lemon juice?

  • Can lemon Orange can be squeez in jug and keep it for refrigerator cold for using some days before while using it little by little ?

  • Hi Benson
    That sounds like a great and refreshing drink but if you are looking for health benefits, fruits (and vegetables) lose their nutritional value daily after you slice them open. Your best results will come by slicing the fresh lemon, and orange, if you like, and squeezing it (them) into a glass or cup of warm or room temperature water and drinking them at that time on an empty stomach.

  • Hi Asad
    Grapefruit is an interesting fruit. It is contraindicated with many pharmaceutical drugs. It is also a bit acidic so the lemon followed by the grapefruit could irritate your stomach and definitely might be too acidic for your teeth in combination with the lemon water. But, on the other hand, if you aren’t bothered by that, you can eat the grapefruit right after the lemon water.

  • Hi Jennifer
    Lemon juice, if not from a fresh lemon, will not have the same nutritional content. It will have been processed so will lose nutrients and it may also include additional ingredients. I don’t see a problem using the warm guava leaf water.

  • Hi Alfonso
    Cold water is hard on the digestion which is why we recommend warm or room temperature water.

  • Hi Neera
    If you enjoy the taste, there should be no problem combining the two.

  • Hi Aakanksha
    I have never heard that one! There are no hormones in warm lemon water.

  • Hi Showkat
    I am not sure if your acidity is your PH or acidity in your stomach. If it is stomach acidity, the lemon water could irritate that. I would recommend that you see a Registered Nutritional Consultant to help you with food recommendations and supplementation suggestions. Please check out our clinic at: The Health House in Markham, ON

  • Hi Diana
    It should be fine but I would start with just a squeeze of lemon in warm water and see how the baby responds. If there is no problem, you can gradually increase the amount of lemon that you add until you are at 1/4 or 1/2 a fresh lemon. Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

  • Hi Patson
    One glass a day is great!

  • Hi Mrs Emvula
    Interesting question. It may have had no effect or a balancing effect. If you are concerned, please check with your doctor.

  • Hi Kelechi
    You can have your lemon water 20 minutes before your medication or an hour after your medication in the morning.

  • Hi Tori
    We are each unique so our results will not be the same. So much depends on your health history, diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress, medications, toxicity, etc. You will only know its effects for you by trying it.

  • Hi Voight
    Warm lemon water (fresh lemon not lemon juice) can definitely help the process but you also need to look at your diet, stress level, lifestyle, etc. Drinking 8-10 glasses of clean water is also very important. As you make changes, you may want to start with walking and eventually go back to running.

  • Hi Muhammad
    Both men and women can benefit from drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach. We do suggest warm water, not hot. Boiling the lemon can cause it to lose many nutrients.

  • Hi Psalmer
    No problem with the skin on. You may want to wait until it cools down a bit before adding the lemon slices.

  • Hi Sagar
    Warm or room temperature water please. Cold water can slow down your digestion. Proper digestion is very important, particularly for weight loss.

  • Hi Isaiah
    Yes, it is possible, but you also may want to look at your diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. If you are eating a lot of sugar, junk food, fast food, lemon water may not be the answer.

  • Hi Lodi
    If you can wait 20 minutes, you can have your morning coffee after the lemon water. If you prefer to have the lemon water after lunch, you should wait one hour after eating.

  • Hi Rosa
    1/2 fresh lemon and 1 cup of warm water. This can help begin the process but it is important to also look at your diet, exercise, stress level, etc.

  • Hi Florence
    Food is not like medication. It will change the environment in the body but is not a 7 or 10 day prescription. If you have a serious infection, you would need to have that looked at by a doctor.

  • Hi Kathy
    Since green tea has caffeine, I wouldn’t combine it with the lemon water. Have your lemon water first and wait 20 minutes before having your tea.

  • Hi Zazhota
    Drinking lemon with warm water won’t cause gastritis but it can irritate it.

  • Hi Temitope
    Lipton tea has caffeine so you don’t want to combine it with the lemon water for health benefits. Otherwise, adding lemon to your tea makes a great drink.

  • Hi Jessi
    I would suggest that you drink your warm lemon water in the afternoon at least an hour after eating or in the evening so as not to conflict with your medication.
    If you medication was not impacted by Vitamin C, you could have waited an hour after brushing your teeth and taking your medication.

  • Hi Jano
    It can definitely help. With a kidney stone, drinking lots of water is very important.

  • Thanks for sharing Lynne. I enjoyed your message!

  • Hi Grace
    1/2 lemon in warm or room temperature water. It isn’t a drug or a cancer treatment protocol but a way to improve the body’s environment and function.

  • Hi Jaze
    Let’s compromise with room temperature water. Cold water shuts down digestion.

  • Hi Jovie
    Warm lemon water is great for digestion and to get things moving.

  • Hi Raja
    Warm lemon water, with a fresh lemon, not lemon juice, can help. It is very important to drink lots of water throughout the day to help move the stone out of the body.

  • Hi Christeen
    No. Bottled lemon juice is boiled during the processing. Boiling will result in a loss of nutrients.

  • Hi Austin
    Warm lemon water on an empty stomach, not lemon juice, can help with the symptoms. Most of the time, asthma is due to an allergy. It is important to find out what you are allergic to and eliminate it.

  • Hi Tracye
    Good question! It doesn’t have to be warm – room temperature would be fine. Cold water shuts down digestion and hot water can reduce the efficacy due to nutrient loss.

  • Hi Thonia
    Trial and error. I would try to apply it on a tiny area that isn’t inflamed and see if it makes a difference before you start applying it all over.

  • Hi Ashlyn
    Green tea has caffeine so it would not be a good choice as a “healing drink”.

  • Hi Glory
    Warm lemon water can change the PH so can help with infection BUT if the infection persists, please see your physician.

  • Hi Emmanuella
    You can add the peel to your drink.

  • Hi Chandan
    Lemons can be acidic to the stomach so, if that is an issue, you can cut down on the amount of lemon you are using. Manuka honey may help neutralize the acidity.

  • Hi Tony
    Warm lemon water can help with kidney stones. We are recommending one cup on an empty stomach. You shouldn’t lose weight unless you are overweight. Please remember that there are no guarantees that it will dissolve kidney stones. It depends on how large and how hard they are and the type of stones.

  • Hi Sarwar
    It changes the PH of the body so can help with dandruff but I suggest adding a good quality probiotic to your daily regime and eliminating sugar.

  • Hi Alison
    We recommend once daily, preferably on an empty stomach in the morning.

  • Hi Dipak
    2 per day is fine unless it irritates your stomach or your teeth.

  • Hi Remi
    Sorry, but we can’t recommend remedies for a specific condition particularly if we know nothing about your history or condition and have never assessed you. If you are interested in a nutritional assessment, please contact us at The Health House

  • Hi Rahul
    Yes. It helps eliminate toxins from the body. Congratulations on quitting smoking. That is the best thing you can do for your health.

  • Hi Lujain:
    Eating a lemon can be very acidic to the stomach and the teeth.

  • Hi Madhuri
    Raw unpasteurized honey is fine unless you are trying to lose weight.

  • Hi Shibani
    The main thing is to drink it on an empty stomach. If later in the day works best for you, go for it!

  • Hi Montosh
    The results vary from person to person. The main thing to understand is why your blood pressure is high? Are there changes in diet, lifestyle, stress, etc that you need to make? Making healthy choices, like the lemon water, can help lower your blood pressure.

  • Hi Aaron
    It can help along with whatever else you are doing for this condition.

  • Hi Raja
    It is fine to add pomegranate as long as it is pure. If it comes from a bottle, then it is heated and pasteurized and may contain sugar and will not have the same effect. Dissolving kidney stones depends on the size and type of stones. It can prevent and reduce the stones and their size.

  • Hi Dhali
    It helps with digestion so can improve gas formation.

  • Hi..Am a chain smoker almost for 10 years,due to that my body full of heat,is hard to see my face on mirror almost 100 pimples fully oil black face.Then someone referred me drink lemon water then ur body cools down some wart.1st week i assume some changes in my face,then i took it seriously and consumed 6 lemons per day.after 15 days,2days full of cough (phlegm) coming for my mouth 2nd day morning vomited almost 2 liters of thik Blackish water for my stomach.that is the last day of smoking in my life its happen almost 10years back.now also iam daily drinking 1 lemon in hot water never get even fever also.In india lemon mother of all fruits

  • Hi Marlene
    I recently discovered that I am anemic, would it have a positive or negative effect on values if I drink the lemon water. Ferritin is at 32?

  • Can I drink warm Lemon water after meal Morning or Night.

  • Best to drink first thing in morning before breakfast or at bedtime.

  • Drinking lemon what will not affect your ferritin levels. You will need to eat some animal portion and work on your digestive system.

  • Wonderful glad to hear you are having some great results and have quit smoking!

  • Hi Sue
    Warm lemon water will help you lose weight but please remember to include a healthy diet, low in sugar and starch, exercise, relaxation techniques, etc It is always more difficult to lose weight when there is a thyroid issue and when on medication. Be patient and kind to yourself. If you need help to make a good start, our nutritionists can help you. Contact The Health House

  • Hi Anupam
    Drinking warm lemon water (1/2 fresh lemon in 1 cup warm or room temperature water) on an empty stomach can help in reducing weight and many more benefits.

  • Hi Laurel
    Warm lemon water on an empty stomach can be very helpful with inflammation. It may take time but you should notice an improvement in your joints. Please be careful not to eat a diet that is high in processed foods, preservatives, sugar, etc which will make the problem worse.

  • Hi Raja
    3mm and 4mm stones are relatively large stones but still can be eliminated by the body if you are drinking enough water to help them pass. Warm lemon water can help prevent kidney stones and may be able to make your stones easier to pass.

  • Hi Gokul
    Drinking warm lemon water will not result in weight loss in a person who does not need to lose weight.

  • Hi Emy
    We are each unique with a different set of issues so nobody can predict how long it will take to feel better or see specific results. In order for you to notice the benefits, you may wish to write a list of your symptoms, rating each from 1-10. Each week, look back at your list and record the changes. You may be surprised by the number of changes that you see.

  • Hi Aaron
    Unless you are allergic to lemons, you should not experience any side effects. Sometimes as we cleanse, we may experience short term fatigue, headache, or other cleansing symptoms. If they are uncomfortable, drink less lemon water or start slowly with just a slice of lemon in warm water.

  • Hi Usha
    Lemons can be very acidic to the teeth and stomach so if you have a family history of ulceration of the esophagus, you may want to avoid acidic liquids. It sounds like you are doing well with the fresh wheat grass juice. You may also want to add ginger.

  • Hi Sandra
    Your thyroid medication should not be affected by having warm lemon water on an empty stomach just don’t have them at the same time – at least 1 hour apart.

  • Hi Ronk
    Lemons, even in lemon water, can be too acidic to the stomach but is not recommended if you have an ulcer.

  • Hi Alexis
    Warm lemon water on an empty stomach is great for your digestive system. Ice cold water makes digestion more difficult. You can also have it with room temperature water.

  • Hi Joanne
    Yes, you can drink it in the afternoon or evening but at least 1-2 hours after eating.

  • Hi Marie,
    No, lemons are not blood thinners.

  • Hi Meliemu
    If it causes stomach discomfort or irritation to your teeth, than it is too much. Enjoy!

  • Hi Nikhil
    The water can be boiled and cooled or just room temperature water can be used.

  • Hi Jayaraj
    1/2 lemon to 1 cup of warm water.

  • Hi Kikky
    You might be allergic to lemons. If so, please do not drink lemon water. You might be able to have warm lime water as long as you do not experience migraine headaches.

  • Hi Malleshwari
    As long as you are not trying to lose weight, there is no problem adding 1 tsp of honey.

  • Hi Eina
    Once a day should be fine. Too much can irritate your stomach or your teeth.

  • Hi Mincy
    Yes, it shouldn’t irritate your gall bladder stones.

  • Hi David
    Lemons and lemon water can be irritating to the stomach. If you have an ulcer due to the H Pylori bacteria, then drinking warm lemon water would not be advisable.

  • Hi Elizabeth
    It sounds good to me!

  • Hi Nina
    Limes have many of the same benefits as Lemons but limes are lower in vitamin C content. Both have benefits but the results probably won’t be the same.

  • Hi Joyce
    As long as you are not trying to lose weight, adding a tsp of honey is not a problem.

  • I take 1/3 cup of lemon concentrate with cold water and my pills every morning!! Is this recommended ?
    Many thanks

  • Hi George
    We always recommend that you keep your pharmaceutical medication away from any nutritional or cleansing supplements for maximum effect of each.

  • Hi Jocelyn
    Warm lemon water can help you lose weight but it takes more than warm lemon water to lose 10 pounds. It is important to change the things that put the weight on in the first place and to examine your diet, exercise regime, stress levels, etc. Lemon water can definitely help but it is not a weight loss diet and will work differently for each of us.

  • Hi Karamjeet
    As discussed in our article, lemon water on an empty stomach, daily, can increase your metabolic rate causing you to burn more calories.

  • Hi Rahul
    The only way you can know if it will work for you is to try it – drinking lemon water changes the PH of your body which can help. Also, it is important to know if your hormones are balanced and if any of the food you are eating is contributing to the problem, like caffeine, chocolate, saturated fats, and anything you may be allergic to, etc.

  • Hi Noneluna
    Thanks for sharing. Please let us know how it goes.

  • Hi Nette
    One of the benefits of lemon water is help with your digestion. Cold water shuts down digestion.

  • Drinking lemon water should not cause a feeling of pressure in your throat. Check it out with your doctor.

  • Hi Secilie
    Warm lemon water on an empty stomach can help reduce belly fat because it improves your digestion and increases your metabolic rate. If you don’t have excess fat other than in your belly, you should not get thinner by drinking lemon water.

  • I am loving this, there s a lot of information we are learning from. Thanks alot Marlene

  • its really effective…

  • Sounds like you have had some good experiences!

  • What I do is to slice a lemon into a bottle and add water to it. Can this help for weight loss?

  • Hi Ozy
    Lemon water is great to help with weight loss but you will also want to make sure that you improve your diet, cutting out sugars, bread, processed foods, etc.
    Losing weight involves making a lot of changes but the lemon water is definitely a great start.

  • I believe you would get greater benefit by squeezing half of a fresh lemon into the water rather the just the slices.

  • Hi Marlene. I currently take cider vinegar every morning in warm water. In your opinion do you think lemon juice has more benefit than Cider vinegar.

  • Hi , I am facing bloating since one month, could you let me know the solution, thanks

  • Hi Rana
    Since the only information you have given is “bloating”, the possibilities are endless but may I suggest that your digestive system may need help; ie, 1. Digestive Enzymes: especially those that contain Hydrochloric Acid and Bile that you would take at the end of the meal; 2. Chewing your food slowly; ie 50 chews per bite; 3. Avoiding foods that you are allergic or intolerant to, particularly dairy but also wheat, corn, sugar; 4. Ensuring that your bowels are moving 2-3 times per day; ie one meal in, one meal out. Warm Lemon Water on an empty stomach in the morning can also be very helpful. Of course, since you have only been experiencing this for one month, you may wish to consult your physician if this continues or worsens.

  • Hi Carol
    Apple Cider Vinegar is great for your digestion. Lemon water may have more benefits than simply digestion due to its high vitamin C content. Try alternating them and see which you prefer.

  • Hey Marlene,i boil my lemon slices with water then allow it to cool,is it advisable.

  • I wouldn’t suggest boiling the lemon as you may reduce the Vitamin C content. I would just use warm water instead.

  • Hi Marlene,
    I have been taking lemon water, first thing in the morning, for the last four days. Every time I take the drink, it seems to trigger migraines and headaches. Any advice?

  • I don’t know what other health issues you may have but if your liver is toxic or if you have gallstones the lemon may be stimulating the liver too much. Try drinking the lemon only 2-3 times a week with a quarter of the lemon instead of half.

  • How soon after the lemon water can I take my other supplements (multivitamin, D3, Vit C, Fish Oil and Magnesium)? I know to wait an hour before RX meds.


  • About 15 minutes however multi vitamin and fish oil should be taken with food not on an empty stomach.

  • Hi. I take lemon juice during night before going to bed. Is it good. Thanks.

  • Will lemon water remove or detox away insulin and or other diabetic oral medication(s) from the body?

  • Hi Harry
    No, warm lemon water will not detox or interfere with medication (unless you are instructed not to have lemon when taking that medication). It will, however, help with the toxic effects of medication on your organs; ie liver and kidneys. My one piece of advice would be to take your medication at least one or two hours after your lemon water or one hour before.

  • Hi Annet
    No problem taking it before bed. I would suggest that you rinse your mouth after drinking it to make sure that lemon’s acidity doesn’t sit on your teeth during the night.

  • Hello,
    My name is chandresh, 39 years old and I have a history of HTN since past 9+ years. Recently I have got angioplasty 2 months back. At present my weight is 92.3 as per digital weighting machine. My father is suffering from cancer right now and when I was just getting knowledge about I read about benefits of lemon with warm water in the morning. Dr. Told me to loose weight around 10+ kg if possible without stressed diet. pls suggest me can I start this lemon juice for this under my present condition where my medicines are to be taken. If yes, will there be any side effects.

    Pls guide.

  • Hi Chandresh
    There should be no side effects from drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach. In addition, for losing weight, it is important to cut right back on sugar and starches, particularly bread, cake, cookies, muffins, etc. A balanced diet that includes lots of colourful vegetables (raw or cooked) with chicken, fish, turkey, fruit, sweet potatoes, healthy oils like olive oil and avocados – preferably three meals a day with no snacks – will help you lose weight. Also movement – even a 15 minute walk every day would also be very helpful. And, of course lots of good quality water – 8-10 glasses daily.

  • Hi,
    Can we combine lemon and honey in warm water and have it on empty stomach in the morning.

  • I would not suggest adding honey to the lemon water. The sweetness will trigger and insulin response which will not be good if you want to lose weight. The lemon water will help your digestion, liver and pH.




  • Hi Francis, you can drink lemon water once per day everyday if you like. Yes, it is best to squeeze half of a fresh lemon into 8 ounces of cold, room temperature or hot water. Enjoy!

  • hi marlene,
    I’ve been taking lamon and ginger water every monring and at night and in the first week, I saw dirt on my panty liner and later I’m seeing slimy discharge with light blood stains every time i go to the loo..is this normal and should I continue to drink lemon and ginger water?
    What is it doing to my body now.

  • I have been taking Lemon & Honey warm water in the empty stomach for the past 3 years, do digestive problem, am very active , skin looks good, improves my over all defence mechanism. I never had even a simple cold since started drinking the same.

  • That’s great to hear! I would consider just have the lemon water without honey. The honey could affect your blood sugar and insulin levels.

  • Hi Libby, it sounds like the lemon and ginger water is doing some cleansing. I assume you mean this is a vagin*l discharge. The body does use the uterus as a means of elimination. If there is no discomfort I would continue on but reduce to one drink per day. If this is a rectal discharge it could also be a cleansing reaction but it also could be an irritation to the bowel if you have bowel issues such as IBS, Colitis or Crohn’s in which cause I would stop.

  • Nice article and I’d prescribe you drink a glass of warm lemon water before each dinner on the off chance that you need to shed pounds.

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • I am kidney patient can lemon water help

  • Dear Ma’am,

    I just want to know that now i want to lose my weight specially my belly and hips and in month of June 2020 its my brother’s wedding so till then will it help me to reduce my belly and hips. You are requested to kindly share on daily basis how many times should i drink to reduce my belly and hips. Please its a humble request to share it at ASAP.

  • Hi Marlene, someone asked about how to reduce belly fat through lime water intake, you said there are other underlying factors such as hormonal imbalance which could cause belly fat and this imbalance should be corrected then the body will let go of the stored fat from the appropriate from the belly. I want to ask what is the nutritional approach to correcting hormonal inbalance.

  • Hi David, first we would have to find out what hormones are out of balance. This can be done through a consultation. We can provide hormone testing if we feel that is necessary. Consultation can be done in person or by phone/Skype/WhatsApp depending on where you are located.

  • I would suggest drinking the lemon water in the first thing in the morning and a couple of hours after dinner. 1/2 a fresh squeezed lemon in 8 ounces of water. I would also include a brisk walk every day.

  • HI Sailas, lemon water is very good for the kidneys and kidney stones. It will provide Vitamin C need by the kidneys and will help to break down stones.

  • Hi Marlene is it true that lemon water affects the womb and it doesn’t allow one conceive?

  • This may be a silly questions but I need help on making the water warm. I read that microwaving it will cause of loss of nutrients. I keep my lemons frozen and would rather not squeeze. I just like to put water and lemons in my juicer.
    Any recommendations?

  • I would boil the kettle to heat up your water.

  • I have never heard that and I do not believe that would be true, in fact I thing it would be beneficial.

  • I have never heard that and I do not believe that would be true, in fact I thing it would be beneficial. Lemons are food and contain nutrients such as Vitamin C would be beneficial for the mother and baby.

  • How do you drink the lemon water for weight loss

  • You are welcome!

  • Half a fresh squeezed lemon with cool or warm water 20 minutes before breakfast.

  • I suffer from achalasia. (My oesophagus does not function normally & gravity allows food & liquids to pass through into my stomach) This has furthermore brought on asma. Will warm lemon juice assist me with my condition .

  • I bought lemons and used my food processor to juice them so that I could make the process quicker for morning. I store it in an air tight container in the fridge. One website I researched said that to get the juice of half a lemon would be approx 2 tablespoons in 8oz of warm water, would you agree? I want to make sure that I am taking in the right amount.

  • Does it have to be lemon juice from a fresh lemon? Or could I purchase lemon juice in the container. Please let me know, thank you!

  • Hi read your blog about Benifit of worm watter this is very helpful , i read 6 block your site really amazing content . I hope you write more content and helps peoples

  • A person who has stomach ulcer, can he drink lemon without and side effect?

  • Please after drinking lemon juice and water for some day I lost the ability to smell and taste

  • I have 1 pint a day in the morning with a whole squeezed lemon or lime. I feel better for it ?

  • Is it bad for kidneys?
    Does lemon have any effect on kidneys??

  • I have been drinking fresh squeezed half-lemon water for 3 days now. This morning I have severe convulsive bowels movements. Is this normal detox?

  • Please mum can a hepatitis patient take lemon with warm water?

  • I have a concern…what if I boil the lemons?

  • How much lemon juice to a 52oz bottle of water And can I use the lemon juice that comes in lemon shape container and/or bottle
    Thank you

  • Good Morning Madam, please I want to ask can taken lemon with warm water result me a flat tummy ? Please

  • I am sure it will help. Many have had success with this.

  • Hi Carl, you would need about 12 ounces of fresh lemon. But I would suggest only half a fresh squeezed lemon in 8 ounces of water once or twice per day.

  • If you boil the lemons you will lose some of the beneficial nutrients.

  • I don’t see why not.

  • If there has been a history of constipation it may be getting the bowels movement. If not then it may not be appropriate for you.

  • Lemons are actually very good for the kidneys.

  • Thank you for sharing!

  • I have never heard of that happening.

  • Great! I am glad you enjoy the information!!

  • Hi I have been reading this article and all the comments. I only started drinking water and lemon this week. I didn’t know what was best way to do it so what I have been doing is slice fresh lemon and adding 3 slices in cold water. I can see huge benefits already within 5 days.
    So after reading all these comments I’m thinking now that I would benefit from squeezing half a lemon in a glass of water rather than a huge beaker?
    Could someone please advise me if this would be okay to do?
    First thing in morning on an empty stomach squeeze half a fresh lemon in a glass of warm water and then the rest of the day sip on my bottle of water with my sliced lemon in?
    I want to know the best way to do this to get best results.

  • Can we add sugar in the lemon water??? If not how does it effects

  • I’m taking singular for tree pollen allergies in the evening.Will lemon juice cause any cross reactions to the medicine or the allergies?

  • Please I need to know if lemon water can serve as your water everyday……

  • Yes, but only one or two cups.

  • No it should not unless you have an allergy to lemons.

  • I would suggest you squeeze half a lemon in 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning 1/2 hour before food. then drink plain water for the rest of the day.

  • No, do not add sugar to the lemon water. Sugar is not good for you and it reduce the benefit of the lemon water plus it will stimulate an insulin response and have a negative effect your blood sugar levels

  • Hi,
    I’m suffering from gastric from 2 month.
    Can I drink warm water with lemon.

  • I am diabetic and 47 years old, i am feeling chest pain or you can say heavy chest, i was told to drink warm lemon juice.. it will easy my chest pain.. does it really helps cleaning heart wains from fat.. please advise how do use that and how much beneficial it is for me..

  • Its an amazing article…
    I am starting to have warm lemon water from now on in my diet.


  • Great article Marlene thank you! I drink my lemon water every morning before breaki and feel great on it! Great too on your generosity and patience with answering some of the folks comments on here. Thank you ??

  • I read somewhere that you can put pure lemon juice in a dropper or oral syringe and take 5-10 drops 3-4 times per day for benefits. Do you agree with this finding?

  • Hi Shadab
    Lemons can be acidic to the stomach so if there is any possibility that you have an ulcer, lemon water would not be a good choice. A visit to your doctor may be the best place to begin.

  • Hi Daniel
    Pure lemon juice can be very acidic, particularly to the stomach and to the teeth, which is why we recommend that you dilute it by adding it to water.

  • Hi Abdulrahman
    If you are 47, diabetic, and having chest pain, you need to see a doctor or go to the ER.

  • Hi Shama
    Lemon water is healthy for healthy kidneys. So, it all depends on what is going on with your kidneys; kidney stones, kidney failure, kidney disease?

  • Hi Mec
    If one has a stomach ulcer, they shouldn’t drink lemon water. It would be too acidic.

  • Hi Laurel
    Yes, it has to be a fresh lemon. Lemon juice in a container has been heated and sterilized so many of the nutrients are gone.

  • Hi Deborah
    Yes, the usual dose is 1/2 lemon in 8 oz of water water.

  • Hi Abe
    Achalasia is a swallowing disorder and one of the foods that is on the “to avoid” list is citrus fruit. Lemons are citrus fruit. I wish you well.

  • I’ve always had issues with constipations. I started drinking not lemon water but a shot of lime with one tad of salt every morning. I’m on week one now and I have a good vowel movement daily something I did not have before. I could go between 3-5 days without a BM.

    I usually fill up a shot with 2 limes

    What are your thoughts in this?
    Should I do warm water and lime instead?

  • Hi…
    I am 30 years old and already under weight
    And skinny guy.. I always feel lack of energy, loss of appetite and tired…Does hot lemon water help me in any way…

  • Hi Marlene, first of all. Respect that you keep on responding on all the questions from 1 article for years. To each and everyone. I changed my routine from 4.30 waking up. Taking a glass of lemon juice, warm.

  • Thanks Hans. I appreciate your message. Best to you!

  • Hi Sahil
    Without knowing your history or food intake or lifestyle, it is very difficult to know why you are underweight and low in energy and appetite. Lemon water will not hurt you and will help with your digestion which could improve your appetite. You will only know if you try it. I suggest having a complete checkup with your doctor to rule out any medical conditions. If there are no abnormalities, it could be very helpful for you to work with a practitioner who can guide you as to changes that you can make. You can reach us at healthhouse@healthhouse.ca for a consultation with one of our practitioners in person or online.

  • Hi Vanessa
    It sounds like you are seeing positive changes so it is definitely a great idea to keep going. The only way to know how your body will respond is by trial and error. Lemon or Lime? Whichever works best for you! Thanks for sharing.

  • When using lemon you can squeeze the fresh juice from it and poor the juice into a cup and add warm water you can boil the water to become warm by letting the water cool down to 96 degrees however it can help you lose five pounds in a month or more in two months for both sex however it help you to clean out your liver from yucky color to it good shade of color ? but you can not add honey to it of it won’t help you lose weight just eat veggies in the morning from 10:00 am to 11 for a snack and to go for a walk for an hour a day or twice a day to help you get your body back in to shape do 20 minutes of sit up and push up daily to help you how ever eat meat twice lunch and dinner and breakfast in the morning like ceral and toast and bananas and fruit

  • Goodday Marlene
    I would like to know if drinking 100% lemon juice bottle… Will produce same results as the squeezed lemon fruit..

  • I got through about half of the comments so if I am repeating something, I apologize. Lemon water is also great for blocking the formation of kidney stones. I grew up in southern California where we had an abundance of fresh lemons. When I got stationed in North Carolina lemons weren’t as readily available and so I started getting kidney stones. You can take a prescription of Potassium citrate or just use the real thing. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/5-things-can-help-take-pass-kidney-stones-2018030813363

  • Hi Marlene
    Does drinking 2 cups of black decaf coffee 1hr after drinking lemon water have any negative effects on the lemon water benefits? Thanks

  • It is not good to drink coffee after lemon water. Coffee is very acidic and will undue the benefits of the lemon water

  • Thank you for your input! Fresh lemons are great for kidney stones.

  • I would suggest half a fresh lemon with 8 ounces of water.

  • I have recently begun to take warm lemon ? in the mornings after I wake up and I have started to see changes. Thank you for this article.

  • Hi Mommyoftwo
    Thanks for sharing your positive experience with drinking Lemon Water and for your suggestions. For many of us, having protein in the morning is important because lemon juice cereal toast and fruit without protein can spike your blood sugar.

  • Hi Lulu
    We are happy to hear that this has helped you.

  • When we should drink it before doing exercise or after doing exercise?
    And how much amount of honey and lemon juice we should add in hot water

  • Does it have to be fresh squeezed? Can you use lemon juice from a bottle? Also, will it help or hurt if I am intermittent fasting?

  • Hi Paul
    Juice from a bottle has much fewer nutrients because the bottle has to be sterilized. The benefits will not be the same. If you are doing intermittent fasting, you need to wait the 12-16 hours before you have your Lemon Water.

  • Hi Jahnvi
    1/2 a lemon to 8 oz of water. You can drink it before or after exercise, whichever feels better to you. Honey is still seen as sugar to the body so as little honey as you need to make it taste the way you like it. If you are trying to lose weight, it is best not to add any sweetener.

  • Please ma am just 17years old do you think,I can take lemon juice to burn my Belly fat, and some people also said that lemon damages the womb,and so that’s why am scared of taking it,so please ma I need your advice, please ma here is my number 07017318738.i will be waiting for your reply.

  • Does Lemon/Lime flavored water have the same effect? as I’ve been drinking the bottled flavored water and seeing a difference I am defiantly going to the toilet more then I was feel less hungry and less bloated… but would using fresh lemons have a better effect?

  • Hi Jade
    Lemons have more Vitamin C than Limes but both have many nutrients. Bottled waters and juices need to be sterilized so lose most of their nutrients during that process. To get the full benefits of lemon or lime water, squeeze 1/2 of a fresh lemon or lime into 8 oz water. Fresh lemons are preferable – organic ones even better.

  • Hi Patience
    The only down side of drinking lemon water, unless you are allergic to lemons, is that it can irritate your stomach or the enamel on your teeth. By rinsing your mouth with water, after drinking the lemon water, you will eliminate the acid on your teeth. If you have no negative symptoms or allergic reactions, enjoy your lemon water. The best way to burn your belly fat is to eliminate sugar from your diet and drinking the lemon water.

  • Are those benefits will be the same if instead of warm water I use not so cold water. This is my water for the whole day, i just refill it and drink.

  • Yes, you can use whatever temperature of water you prefer.

  • Good day ma
    Please is it advisable for someone on drugs to be drinking lemon juice

  • Lemon juice is a food so it won’t hurt you.

  • lemon juice is a great healthy choice
    I can’t start my day whithout it

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • I really love this

  • Drinking 2 glasses of hot water in the morning on an empty stomach is said to prevent a number of health issues like headaches, constipation, indigestion, kidney stones, hypertension, blood sugar etc. However, consuming 6 – 8 glasses of warm water daily are sufficient enough to keep the body, hair, and skin hydrated and get the overall health benefits.

  • Hi Ankita, I always recommend drinking half you body weight in water. Example: if you weight 150 divide by 2 is 75, divided by 8 equals 9 eight ounce glasses of water per day and if exercising you can add more.

  • Dear Marlene,

    As I was reading through your article that describes the importance of drinking lemon water empty stomach with warm water to reduce belly fat. It is true that this remedy works this way. However as someone asked if mixing sugar in it will be feasible, I would recommend not to include sugar at all! Yes, sugar will spoil the benefits as it will give you calories. If your aim is to loose weight then why consume unwanted calories?

    Also it will be sufficient to squeeze only a half of the lemon in a glass full of lukewarm water. Squeezing a whole lemon will make it taste bitter – sour. So I suggest only use half of the lemon in each serving.

    You have written a wonderful article and hope people will contribute more to it with knowledge and experience by means of helpful comments. Thank you.

  • I have been taking lemon warm water every day and I notice my lips is getting darker..
    Does lemon water damage the womb.
    Lastly between local lemon and foreign lemon which one is more harmful..

  • Not sure why your lips are getting darker other than you may be absorbing more nutrients. This is food so certainly should not damage any part of the body. Best to buy organic lemons.

  • Hi Cammy, good points. Do not add sugar, this will defeat the purpose and yes half a lemon is sufficient.

  • Thank you very much for your beneficial article and answers.
    I would like to ask if lemon juice beneficial for gout as it is alklizing agent? And how is The method? Many thanks.dr samir abdel-rheem

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    I have been diagnosed with genital herpes for 2 years and am looking for a cure. I read a testimony on this platform from a woman who was cured of diabetes with Doctor Ahmed Usman Herbal Medicine, including the doctor’s official email address. I contacted the doctor through his email, after much discussion and some questions he prepared herbal medicine and asked for my address. 3 days later, I received the herbal medicine and with his prescription, I drank the herbal medicine for 21 days. After I finished herbal medicine, I went for a test and my IgG result was confirmed negative with no virus found in my blood. Contact Doctor Ahmed and let yourself be cured. email him at; drahmedusman5104 @ gmail. com or send him a WhatsApp SMS +14436204203. He has herbal remedies for diabetes, hepatitis

  • Congratulations on your results and sharing this information.

  • Yes, lemon would be helpful for gout at is supports the kidneys and is alkalizing.

  • Ive been drinking this every morning when i wake up for more than a year. I have noticed that my yeast infection was gone. Ive been drinking also green tea every 6pm

  • That’s great news! Thank you for sharing your experience!!

  • Hi my name is Odion am 37 years old my knee is paining me when folding it pls can I drink lemon juice morning and night for it

  • Certainly, the lemon water will help to get the acid waste out. Start with one drink in the morning for a couple of weeks and if needed add a second at night time.

  • Comments are closed.

    15 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water on an Empty Stomach (2024)


    What happens if I drink lemon water everyday on empty stomach? ›

    Drinking a warm glass of lemon water in the morning can detoxify the body and the presence of pectin helps in improving the metabolism and gut health, which helps in improving digestion. This drink also helps in accelerating the fat burning process in the body. However, it works well if you adapt a healthy lifestyle.

    What happens if you drink warm lemon water every morning for 7 days on empty stomach? ›

    Lemon water boosts liver health and leads to production of bile juice, which is essential for a healthy digestion. Apart from that, the amalgamation of warm water and lemon helps in cleaning the system and the presence of Pectin, a soluble fiber in lemon helps in improving gut health.

    How long does it take to see the benefits of drinking lemon water? ›

    How long does it take to get the results? Results such as improvement in digestion and higher energy levels can be seen within one week of regular consumption of warm lemon water.

    Does lemon detox the liver? ›

    Many citrus fruits, including lemon, can be added to water to help stimulate and flush out the liver. To help improve liver function, enjoy 4-6 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with water each day.

    How long should I wait to eat after drinking lemon water in the morning? ›

    Drink it fairly quickly, and wait at least a half hour before eating to reap the most benefits.

    Who should not drink lemon water? ›

    Gastrointestinal Issues and Ulcers

    The acid in lemons can harm the stomach and intestinal linings, leading to ulcers. If you are already prone to ulcers, it's best to avoid drinking lemon water daily.

    Is it better to drink lemon water before bed or in the morning? ›

    Drinking lemon water before bed will boost hydration levels and might help you move your bowels in the morning. Be aware, though, you're more likely to need to get up in the night for a trip to the loo if you drink fluids just before bed.

    Why should you put a sliced lemon next to your bed at night? ›

    The smell of the citrus fruit will help to open up your airway and fall asleep more easily. Lemons also provide stress relief. The scent is a natural mood enhancer, and is also helpful for lowering blood pressure. Both of these things will help you to have a more restful, undisturbed sleep.

    Can you use bottled lemon juice for lemon water? ›

    How to Make Lemon Water. Fill a 12-15 ounce mug filled with warm (but not boiling) water and add the juice of 1/2 a lemon. Always use a fresh lemon; never use bottled lemon juice.

    Should lemon water be hot or cold? ›

    Drinking it ice cold may hinder the digestive benefits of the lemon water. And it makes your body spend more energy trying to heat it up. But lemon water at warm or room temperature provides you with the most health benefits. It allows the enzymatic and energetic properties of the lemon their full flow.

    What happens to your body when you start drinking lemon water? ›

    Drinking warm lemon water will make sure that your digestive system functions smoothly. The citric acid present in lemon will keep digestive problems at bay. It will interact with the other essential enzymes in your stomach and stimulate the secretion of gastric juices.

    Is cold lemon water good for you? ›

    Lemon water is a healthful drink that can add a good amount of vitamin C to the diet. There are, however, plenty of unsupported health claims. If a person already eats lots of fruits and vegetables and drinks plenty of fluids, lemon is unlikely to add any significant nutritional benefits.

    Does lemon water cleanse your colon? ›

    No. The idea of detoxing is to flush out harmful toxins from the body, but the human body already naturally rids itself of waste through digestion. There is no evidence that any kind of “detox diet” removes toxins from the body or has any notable health benefits.

    Can lemon water reverse fatty liver? ›

    Citrusy lemon packed with a powerhouse of vitamin C, potent antioxidants avert free radicals from damaging liver cells and improve liver health. Aside from this, the natural hepatoprotective traits of lemon exhibit a positive impact on the alcoholic-induced fatty liver by bringing down the lipid profile levels.

    How do I know if my liver is detoxing? ›

    10 Signs Your Liver is Detoxing
    • Nausea.
    • Vomiting.
    • Anxiety.
    • Tremors.
    • Headache.
    • Confusion.
    • Insomnia.
    • Restlessness.

    Should I brush after drinking lemon water? ›

    Do not brush your teeth straight after drinking lemon water. You should allow your teeth to re-mineralize for 1hour before brushing. Brushing your teeth whilst under an acid attack will erode teeth even faster due to chemical wear from the acid softening the enamel, in conjunction with mechanical wear from brushing.

    Is it better to drink warm or cold water in the morning? ›

    "Cold water can boost metabolism and keep your body from overheating, [while] warm water can help digestion and ease constipation." Go with the water temp that you prefer more and feels best for your body. But ultimately, try not to overthink it.

    How much lemon should I put in my water every morning? ›

    To obtain the health benefits of drinking lemon water, experts recommend adding three-fourths of a cup of lemon juice to your water per day. A glass of lemon water first thing in the morning is an age-old remedy.

    What does rubbing lemon on your legs do? ›

    Promotes even skin tone.

    Due to the potential exfoliating properties of lemon juice, people use it to reduce hyperpigmentation. Exfoliation, after all, can help remove pigmented cells and even out your skin tone. "Lemon juice [also] contains citric acid and vitamin C, which can lighten the skin," says Mehr.

    Does lemon water interact with medications? ›

    Yes, drinking lemon water daily can affect some medications. Lemon can interact with certain drugs and reduce their effectiveness. If you are taking medication, it is best to consult your doctor before drinking lemon water regularly.

    Does lemon water help with inflammation? ›

    Lemon water has several health benefits thanks to its high vitamin C concentration, flavonoid content, and acidity. Both flavonoids and vitamin C are strong antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory effects, therefore they may protect cells from damage and reduce inflammation in the body.

    Is lemon water good for high blood pressure? ›

    Lemon drink contains traces of several minerals that may be beneficial in lowering blood pressure. Calcium and potassium both can lower blood pressure in those suffering from hypertension. A study suggests that lemon water can help bring the number to the normal range immediately.

    Can lemon water reduce belly fat? ›

    You can use lemon to reduce belly fat along with following a workout and diet plan. Solely drinking lemon water without diet will only benefit your overall well-being.

    Does lemon burn belly fat? ›

    The answer to this is easy: No. Lemons do not have special fat-burning qualities, explains Czerwony.

    Does lemon help with anxiety? ›

    Why Lemon Juice Is Good For You. Lemons have been found to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and help us feel calmer overall.

    Does lemon help sleep? ›

    Hot lemon water may induce relaxation before bed, which could help with sleep. It can also help with general hydration. Lemon contains vitamin C, which is important for several bodily functions.

    When not to use a lemon? ›

    A bad lemon has bruising, discoloration, brown spotting on the peel, and soft spots. In advanced stages of decay, lemons can have green or white mold spots on their shriveled peels, and the lemon may be dried out inside. Such a lemon is full of bacteria and should be discarded.

    How long can you leave lemons in your water bottle? ›

    How long can you keep the lemon slices in the water? Up to 4 hours. I recommend a minimum of 1 hour to really infuse the water and a maximum of 4 hours to avoid bitterness from the peel to transfer into the water.

    Does bottled lemon juice need to be refrigerated after opening? ›

    Commercially produced lemon juice that has been bottled should be stored in the refrigerator once opened and lasts for 6-12 months. Unopened bottled lemon juice can last for a couple months past the best-by date. If opened after the expiration date, use within 1-2 months.

    How long can you keep lemon water in a bottle? ›

    Storing lemon water

    It will last in the fridge for about 5 days, but if you're adding other fruits and flavours, I'd recommend drinking it within 3 days.

    Is bottled lemon juice as good as fresh? ›

    Both are very low in calories and fat. They are both good sources of vitamin C, folate and potassium. Fresh lemon juice contains significantly more vitamin C than bottled lemon juice.

    What should I drink first thing in the morning? ›

    Drinking water first thing in the morning immediately helps rehydrate the body. Your six to eight hours of sleep is a long period to go without any water consumption. Drinking two or three glasses of water right when you wake up is a good way to rehydrate your body quickly.

    Is lemon water good for your kidneys? ›

    Lemons contain citrate, which helps prevent calcium from building up and forming stones in your kidneys. Interestingly, the benefit doesn't seem to be present in oranges, making lemon a unique tool in kidney stone prevention.

    Does lemon detox the body? ›

    The idea that a lemon water detox can “cleanse” your body is false, Dubost said. The body removes toxins through its gastrointestinal tract. For that, it needs fiber. Lemon water doesn't contain the fiber necessary for the body to “self-cleanse.”

    What should I do after drinking lemon water? ›

    Side effects of lemon water

    Lemon water is generally safe to drink, but there are a few potential side effects to be aware of. Lemon contains citric acid, which may erode tooth enamel over the long term. To limit the risk, drink lemon water through a straw, and rinse your mouth with plain water afterward.

    What will happen if you drink lemon water for 2 weeks? ›

    Drinking lemon water regularly can cause enamel erosion or tooth decay because of the acid in the citrus fruit. Too much lemon water can also lead to heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and other gastroesophageal reflux symptoms.

    Is it OK to add sugar to lemon water? ›

    Squeezing lemon juice and drinking it with water may not amount to your daily recommended intake of fibre or vitamin C. But it is still a better bet than the sodas you find in markets, filled with empty calories and sugar. Make sure you do not add sugar to your lemon water when you are making it at home.

    How much lemon water is too much? ›

    However, excess intake of lemon water may cause side effects like tooth decay, sunburns, canker sores, heartburn or acid reflux, migraine, and frequent urination. Though there are no listed dosage levels of lemon water, consuming one or two glasses of lemon water a day is considered safe.

    Does lemon water reduce blood sugar? ›

    Health Benefits of Lemons in People With Diabetes

    Lemons are high in soluble fiber, which slows digestion and, by doing so, helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

    How do you properly flush out your bowels? ›

    How can I clean my colon naturally?
    1. Hydration. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is a great way to regulate digestion. ...
    2. Saltwater flush. You can also try a salt water flush. ...
    3. High fiber diet. ...
    4. Juices and smoothies. ...
    5. Juice fast. ...
    6. More resistant starches. ...
    7. Probiotics. ...
    8. Herbal teas.

    What is a liver flush? ›

    A liver detox, cleanse, or flush is a program that claims to take out toxins in your body, help you lose weight, or improve your health. You want to do everything you can to take an active role in your health. But if you think you need a liver detox, you should know that there isn't much it can do for you.

    Which fruit is best for liver? ›

    CITRUS FRUITS – Lemons and limes contain citric acid, potassium, vitamin C, and bioflavonoids. These nutrients help improve energy levels, enhance liver detoxification, and reduce inflammation. Grapefruit has high levels of vitamin C, folic acid, phenolic acid, potassium, calcium, iron, and antioxidants.

    What is the fastest way to cure a fatty liver? ›

    According to the American Liver Foundation, there are no medical treatments – yet – for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. So that means that eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are the best ways to both prevent liver damage from starting or reverse liver disease once it's in the early stages.

    What foods are good for liver repair? ›

    Foods that support liver health include berries, cruciferous vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, and fatty fish. Coffee and green tea contain antioxidants that are helpful for liver health.

    How do I detox my liver ASAP? ›

    Eat high potassium foods: Potassium helps to cleanse the liver, so loading up on potassium-rich foods is key. Some of these foods include sweet potatoes, spinach, avocados, wild-caught salmon, bananas, and white beans.

    Where do you itch with liver problems? ›

    Itching associated with liver disease tends to be worse in the late evening and during the night. Some people may itch in one area, such as a limb, the soles of their feet, or the palms of their hands, while others experience an all-over itch.

    Is lemon water good for belly fat on empty stomach? ›

    Drinking warm lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach is considered an excellent remedy to cut down belly fat. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, low in calories and loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Lemon water promotes fullness, keeps you hydrated, boosts metabolism and helps to shed kilos.

    Does drinking lemon water on empty stomach reduce belly fat? ›

    Lemon water can promote fullness, support hydration, boost metabolism, and increase weight loss. However, lemon water is no better than regular water when it comes to losing fat. That being said, it is tasty, easy to make, and can be used as a low-calorie replacement for high-calorie beverages.

    Does lemon burn fat in the tummy? ›

    The answer to this is easy: No. Lemons do not have special fat-burning qualities, explains Czerwony.

    How long does it take for lemon water to reduce belly fat? ›

    Health experts say that you could get rid of belly fat by drinking lemon juice for 7 days. You can have this in the morning, on an empty stomach, at least 20 minutes before breakfast. Here is how to very easily prepare this special lemon juice.

    What burns belly fat? ›

    8 Ways to Lose Belly Fat and Live a Healthier Life
    • Try curbing carbs instead of fats. ...
    • Think eating plan, not diet. ...
    • Keep moving. ...
    • Lift weights. ...
    • Become a label reader. ...
    • Move away from processed foods. ...
    • Focus on the way your clothes fit more than reading a scale. ...
    • Hang out with health-focused friends.

    What drink can reduce belly fat? ›

    • Mar 29, 2023. Detox drinks and juices to lose belly fat. ...
    • Beetroot juice. Whole beets are low in calories and high in fibre, which can support regularity, slow stomach emptying, and prolong satiety to support weight management. ...
    • Carrot juice. ...
    • Celery juice. ...
    • Cinnamon water. ...
    • Fennel water. ...
    • Ginger water. ...
    • Green vegetable juice.
    Mar 29, 2023

    How many times a day should I drink lemon water to lose weight? ›

    thrice a day

    What happens when you drink lemon water for 7 days for weight loss? ›

    Both the lemon and water components of lemon water can boost your metabolism. When you drink cooler water, your body expends even more energy to heat it, so drinking a cool glass of lemon water regularly throughout the day could increase your metabolism, leading to weight loss.

    Does lemon water melt body fat? ›

    A second myth that's often discussed around the water cooler is that when lemon juice is mixed with cold or lukewarm water it'll dissolve fat in your body. Again, this doesn't happen metabolically, though drinking more water (cold or lukewarm) will help you stay hydrated. Lemon juice does have numerous benefits.

    How to lose belly fat in 2 weeks? ›

    Start with our high-fiber diet plan.
    1. Walk every day.
    2. Load up on protein.
    3. Okay, now you can do some crunches.
    4. Try to limit your stress.
    5. Prioritize quality sleep.
    6. Drink less alcohol.
    7. Cook more often.
    8. Avoid sugary foods.
    Dec 16, 2022

    How to drink lemon for flat tummy? ›

    Lemon Water With Salt: Squeeze half a lemon in warm water and add a pinch of pink salt. Take it on an empty stomach every morning. Honey Lemon Water: Squeeze half a lemon into lukewarm water and add one tablespoon of honey. Stir well.


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