“He Called Him The Hard R”: Sub Teacher Who Knocked Out Student Receives Support Amid Racial Slur (2024)

“He Called Him The Hard R”: Sub Teacher Who Knocked Out Student Receives Support Amid Racial Slur (1)



A white student who allegedly called a substitute teacher the N-word racist slur ended up in a physical altercation that left him seemingly knocked out, prompting a police arrest and the termination of the school staff member.

27-year-old Re’Kwon Smith was arrested by The Clark County School District (CCSD) Police Department on Thursday (April 25) after engaging in a fist fight with the alleged racist student at Valley High School in Las Vegas, USA.


  • 27-year-old substitute teacher Re'Kwon Smith was arrested after a physical fight with a student at Valley High School, in Las Vegas.
  • The altercation began after the student allegedly used a racist slur towards Smith, escalating to a physical confrontation.
  • The incident resulted in Smith's termination from Clark County School District's substitute pool and arrest on battery charges.

Sources told local outlet News 3 that the brawl started at around 9:30 a.m. when a verbal argument escalated between Smith and the teenager, who was accused of using racial slurs towards Smith.

The alleged discriminatory insult provoked Smith to react by punching the teen, who has not been named, and starting the fist fight, according to CCSD sources.

A fight at Valley High School resulted in the arrest of a substitute teacher after a white student allegedly used a racist slur

Image credits: @NEWS_flp

There have since been a few clips of the incident emerging online, with one showcasing Smith swinging and hitting the student to the ground.

Other videos taken from different angles have shown the boy actively engaging in the altercation, throwing punches back and forth.

On the popular Vegas.bartender Instagram account, notable for sharing viral content from the region, a video was shared that showed a close-up of the confrontation and the moment the student was knocked out.


Image credits: @NEWS_flp

An Instagram user who claims to attend Valley High School told his side of the story, commenting: “This is my school and it literally just happened today.

“There’s a lot of words and rumor going around but I’ll sum it up the best I can.

“According to my weightlifting coach (a friend and co-worker of Coach Smith) the student exited the gym through the side door which prompted Coach Smith to go after him in the hallway.

“However, and this is what everyone is saying, the student called the coach the Hard R which led to the altercation.

“Wasn’t too sure what happened with both, but from what I’ve heard the kid was in handcuffs.”

Various online videos depicted the altercation, including one where the student was knocked to the ground

Image credits: Valley High School

In videos, as the student continued to lie on the ground, Smith was filmed stepping to the side and saying, “You lost your mind, boy.”

The student reportedly replied, “You’re going to jail,” and he included a racial slur.

Other parts of certain clips revealed nearby students attempting to help the knocked-out teen up to his feet as a whistle started to blow in the background and a Campus Security Monitor in a red shirt and hat appeared.


#NEWS: Substitute teacher arrested after fighting kid for calling him n-word in Las Vegas, NV pic.twitter.com/T7zVmJyczf

— 44vibe News (@44vibeTV) April 26, 2024

The CCSD has since released a statement, which read: “CCSD does not tolerate violence of any kind.

“Violence in any form is unacceptable and goes against the fundamental principles of education and respect.

“Any altercation between a teacher and a student is thoroughly investigated, and appropriate disciplinary action is taken.”

A student alleged the fight began when the student used a racial slur toward the staff member

Las Vegas substitute teacher arrested after fist fight with high school student who called him racial slurs pic.twitter.com/wCX1SkZOo9

— NEWSflp (@NEWS_flp) April 26, 2024

A letter to Valley High School families confirmed the altercation, stating that they “are aware of an altercation involving a staff member and a student,” as per News 3.

“The information is preliminary, however, please know that CCSDPD is investigating the matter. Once we have information to share we will be sure to update our community,” the statement further noted.

The police reportedly booked Smith into the Clark County Detention Center on charges related to battery with substantial bodily harm and disturbance of school.

Moreover, CCSD reportedly said Smith was a substitute assigned to Valley High School and has been employed by the District since November 2023.

He will consequently be removed from CCSD’s substitute pool, and he is no longer eligible to serve as a substitute in the District.

The incident left people divided on social media



“He Called Him The Hard R”: Sub Teacher Who Knocked Out Student Receives Support Amid Racial Slur (2)

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“He Called Him The Hard R”: Sub Teacher Who Knocked Out Student Receives Support Amid Racial Slur (3)

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“He Called Him The Hard R”: Sub Teacher Who Knocked Out Student Receives Support Amid Racial Slur (2024)


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